[GRIP] If you have been griefed, read this!

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  1. Hi gang,

    First of all: if you want to reply then please do so here. This forum is mostly used for talk about the Frontier and to try and establish outposts. I don't want to risk this thread from interfering with that.

    The Frontier

    The Frontier is EMC's non-resetting survival world which means that we can all build there and when we do then we can be sure that our builds will remain without having to worry about resets or such. However, it also comes with a small risk: the Frontier isn't a protected world like our residences in town, meaning that it is a true free for all. To some extend: griefing is not tolerated by EMC rules and if people grief then action will be taken.

    Now, fortunately griefing doesn't happen too often on the Empire, but I do think it's still a problem worth addressing. Because, in my opinion, any issue is easy until that moment when it happens to you.

    You have been griefed

    The first thing you should do is turn to staff. Use the /staff command in-game to see if any members are available and optionally you can also turn to these forums (check this page; the column on the right shows you a section with staff members who are currently online).

    I'd also suggest to make some screenshots of the area (press F3 to add coordinates and please make sure NOT to share these in public forums!) so that you have a bit of extra proof later on.

    If you turn to staff in-game then be aware that they might be busy with other things when you contact them. So please be patient! The staff is there to help all of us, and although your problems are serious, that does not make them more important than the other player issues. Leave that decision up to staff.

    Why get staff involved?

    First of all to send out a clear signal to whoever did this that their behavior is not tolerated on the Empire. Getting staff involved helps you protect your builds, because the offender will be dealt with, one way or the other. Second: to help your fellow players. If someone griefed you then chances are they'll grief others too. Getting staff to look into this helps prevent this.

    But what about my items?

    There is only so much staff can do without risking to affect the game too much. Therefor staff cannot refund items. But that's where we come in: GRIP, a non-profit organization run by players on behalf of the players. Yes: also on your behalf.

    If you have been griefed then please follow this link: http://tinyurl.com/projectgrip. Bookmark it, write it down, keep it safe or watch that thread!

    We are a group of players who are die-hard fans of Empire Minecraft and its community. We're also a group of people who really want to help out our fellow players, especially when they're down on their luck and are having a bad time. And we know what griefing can do to you and your motivation.

    Do I get everything back?!

    Depends on several things, but we'll talk that over in private. In general keep these global rules in mind:
    • You haven't recently used our services before.
    • We will try to refund a majority of your items, but extensively expensive items will not be included.
      • We won't be refunding diamond, emerald and /or gold blocks. Although they look pretty they're also a griefer magnet.
      • We will be refunding blocks such as beacons, enchantment tables, enderchests, etc, etc.
    • You will need to be able to proof that you have been griefed.
      • Screenshots work, bringing one of our members along to show them works, optionally asking the staff member to inform us might work (warning: it might not be possible for the staff member to do this due to regulations, respect that!).
    We will then do the best to our abilities to refund any missing items so that you can restore your hard work.

    Want / need to know more? Then please refer to our official service thread.


    Something a few players asked me:

    Q: What happens to all that money and stuff when we can protect our outposts?
    A: We keep on doing what we do best!
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  2. Bump.

    There are many new players and many new outposts being established. And because some players only pay attention to this forum I think it's fair to give this a small nudge every once in a while.

    Please keep in mind: if you'd like to respond or have questions then I prefer that you follow this link: http://tinyurl.com/projectgrip. That is the official GRIP thread, I don't want GRIP stuff to interfere with regular Frontier issues.