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  1. Hello EMC. I'm sorry but it's time. I've been absent for a while and am going to explain/say a farewell. I suppose this thread will be a bio of sorts. I've included several sections about EMC for me. Also, I've hidden 2 10k giveaways somewhere. Read it all for the details.

    When I first logged on 875 days ago, I was looking for my first server. I certainly wasn't looking for a community to become a part of - I had only played Minecraft for a few hours. I posted my first thread. It was a question. The title was "How do I join?" I didn't even know how to add a server. The help I received was fantastic. In just a few minutes, I was on the server, had read the "Guide" at the time, and read the "Rules."

    After being stolen from and almost banned because of it at only 20 days, I fully restarted. I was helped out by fellow SMP5'ers. And when the thief's brother and accomplice (I still remember the name... _zaaccc_) was unbanned, I quit for a while. I was outraged at staff decision - not the only time, though.

    Back in mid-summer of 2013 I came back. Had some fun. And built parkour. Throughout my time here, I've become sort of the "Parkour King." Then in the Fall of 2013 I wanted to get into the enchanting business. I recruited a player that ended up getting banned and the building stopped. The res was unclaimed. I lost interest in Minecraft and came back in February. Miraculously, all ~8 of my residences were still there.

    At this point some of you may or may not be paying attention. Private message me with a title of "Hey" and a message of "55678" to be entered to win 10k. Okay, back to the story.

    The first thing some people asked me was "Where's the parkour?" which was unclaimed to make room for a better course - 11217 - in which building is stopped. At this time I just messed around, making some businesses. I never really had any way to make money.

    So, that's my EMC history. Pretty boring, but hey, oh well, it was fun.

    But why am I leaving? Perhaps there's more to the story of the Penguin.

    There wasn't a bad experience that's causing me to leave. I simply have too little time to do anything in Minecraft. I've put in maybe an hour in the last week or two. That and Minecraft it getting stale. I have very little interest in Minecraft nowadays. These two combined leave pretty much nothing for Minecraft.

    Also, on a somewhat related note, Minecraft has been making me feel, for lack of a better word, depressed. I dunno what it is, but I just can't play the game without literally and figuratively hanging my head.

    So where'd my name come from? I've learned to deal with the version people guess, and accepted it. It's appeared in skins, avatars, and content. Obviously, my favorite animal is a penguin. That's the first part. But the rest is what people mess up.

    You'll probably say that DJ stands for "Disk Jockey" and this is what I get most often - and it's not true in the slightest. I have very little ties to music, in fact.

    D and J, actually, are my initials.

    Mind = Blown. Expanding on the topic: my two alternate accounts' names aren't very original. I've named them PenguinDJ2 and PenguinDJ3. Also, my name was originally going to be champion5401, but wanted something more original.

    A return is likely, in 3-4 months. I'll still be keeping my accounts from going derelict and will be keeping up my voting streak. I may post on the forums from time to time.

    On return, I plan on starting up the 11100 Mega Mall! I've got the awesome number of 11100. That's all for plans. Although in the grand scheme of things, I plan on dominating the SMP5 market. Plans are currently kept in a notebook and a Word document.

    That being said, it's been fun EMC. *Pagebreak* To win 10k, message me with a subject of "Hello DJ" and a message of "11100" and you'll be entered. You can only enter for one giveaway out of the two here. *Andwe'reback* I've had a great time, and thanks to everyone who made it special.

    Thanks for reading and I'll see you on the other side of the iceberg.
  2. I have the same thoughts on minecraft nowadays too, I also think its becoming dull.
    It's sad to see someone as old as you are within the empire leave :(
    Anyways i wish you all the luck in life! :)
  3. ...goodbye. I do not like people to leave..... D:

  4. Later Penguin :)
  5. Remember DJ, we will always welcome to back with open arms.
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  6. I fully agree with you on the 'Minecraft is boring' part. I've put in about 6 hours in the past week - that's the most I've played in 2 weeks since early 2013. 5 of those 6 hours weren't on EMC, they were in Single Player while I was playing in my old world I found on a USB.

    That world kind of only works in Beta 1.7.3 (actually come to think of it; some things are broken in that world in that version :p), a 3 year old version of the game...

    We'll miss you Penguin <3 Come back soon pl0x. We <3 u.
  7. Penguin!

    It's a good decision to take a break! I had the exact same a while back, I was just not motivated to do anything, I was running around aimlessly through EMC having nothing to do.

    Taking a break is what I did and it was great to have!

    See ya in 3months bud!

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  8. Hopefully after a break you'll come back sooner than you think.

    I hope so.......

    Best of wishes :)
  9. later avatar buddy
  10. See ya gonna be a bit of a duller smp5 now i guess we will have to make it even better for when you come back. I'll be waitin
  11. I haven't really gotten the chance to talk to you, but I think that I'll still find myself missing your presence anyway. From what I've seen of you, you are a strong member of the community, and, though I understand your reasoning, I will most certainly miss you and your posts. I hope to see you again, and I wish you good luck in your endeavors.
  12. Sad to see you go :( If you have Skype add me: nfell2009 :)
  13. We'll miss you :c
  14. Sad to see you go :(. I was about to send a huge order to your wither killers inc. Bad timing.
  15. One of the guys i knew from day 1, bye :(