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  1. Anyway, bye, sorry, no giveaway if you just came here for some rupees.

    Anyway, Neorepopolis goes to the Wremian Gov and that's it.
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  2. You will be missed. I never knew you that well but if one Empirian leaves, we all feel the pain. D:
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  3. Can I just ask, why are you leaving?
  4. I don't know you.. but I hope that you're not leaving because someone treated you bad ;O
  5. Let me rephrase my deleted post.

    I am leaving due to a misunderstanding, and because of someone who I shall not be naming.
  6. Anyway, we had some rough times and a few bad experiences but all the same, let's let bygones be bygones, I'm sorry to see you go, I wish you all the best in your further ventures, Goodbye Kitten3101.
  7. Heh heh heh, no. Why are you leaving again? One person? Like my mom always tells me, "Don't let that ruin your day."

    That's what I'm telling you now, Kitten3101. I know you've had lots of problems in your EMC lifetime, but didn't you recently pick yourself up a few weeks ago? Just forgive and forget, and enjoy the best server in the world! And don't quit so soon, at least finish the GR.

    There are actually a lot of people who wouldn't want you leaving. I betcha everyone on the GR thread wants you to stay. DeanCatterson, 72Volt, devon669, HollyHill, I'm pretty sure they all want you here. I know I do, and I think they'd all agree with me when I quote my mother:

    "Don't let that one person ruin your day."

    Hope I've inspired you. I don't like to see people leave, much less people I know pretty well.
  8. Actually, 72volt and I both know that EMC isn't a very good place for my ideas.
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  9. Aww, alright. Even if you don't spend all of your time here, try to visit once a week.
  10. I'm sorry to hear that you're so beaten down. We'll miss you here on the Empire, and I hope that you have better luck wherever you end up.
  11. As much as I'd like Kitten to be able to stay on EMC, it was me who suggested he leave. This wasn't merely because he was causing what some viewed as a 'disruption', but because he sees Minecraft as a political endeavour, like me. For some people, Minecraft is about community, for others, it's about building, or money, or hunting, or hoarding, or mining, or farming.

    EMC is very good for these things, but no Minecraft server can be everything. For example, some people may prefer hardcore PvP; EMC can't provide that, and people have left in the past because of that (e.g. AlexHallon). EMC's main limitations for someone who plays Minecraft politically include:
    • perfect protection of land, through residences (this makes it impossible for wars and raids to occur)
    • infinite resources from the Frontier and Wastelands (scarcity is what creates drama and fighting)
    • easy transport across the Wild, via the Nether
    • no effective surveillance for users (for users themselves to see who has been on their property, breaking blocks, etc.)
    • no way for a player to create and enforce their own laws themselves, moderators must do it for them
    For these reasons, plus more, EMC lacks functionality as a good place for political Minecrafters. It's really damn good for a lot of other things, don't get me wrong, just not politicking.
  12. Ok... Well, forget my post then kitten. Lol you have enlightened me, volt.
  13. The perma ban is kind of helping with the decision to leave too... It looks like the decision to leave was taken from him.
  14. perma ban? what? how?
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  15. he griefed.
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  16. All good things come to an end.
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  17. Who? ;o
  18. Haven't you listened? kitten3101
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  19. He got perma-banned for griefing. He kind of has no choice, unless he wishes to stay on the forums.
    I do believe Alex left because there was no PvP, but mainly because he felt the staff weren't doing their job correctly.
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