Goodbye Forever

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  1. With everything being hectic in real life I have decided to part ways. I have been trying to keep up and get on EMC every once in a while but it has been hard. Today was finally a day that I could get on and hop around and chat but I was sad to see all my reses gone from my possession. I thought I had kept up with voting so they wouldn't go derelict but looks like I was incorrect.

    Yes.... a lot of peoples promos value did just sky rock with the downfall of the millions that I had including many which there were only a few left around. It was sad to see everything gone that I had worked to build and collect over the years when I logged on but I hope I bought good memories and fun to many of the amazing members of EMC.

    So with this, farewell!:(
  2. Aww, sorry to see you go :( Best of luck to you in everything that you go on to do! :)
  3. good luck with your future endeavors my friend
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  4. Good luck with everything that life brings you. It is going to be so sad to never see you again. Maybe hop on the forums once in a while if you have time? Either way, goodbye.
  5. I could relate heavily to what happened to you. Tore down my res and made a nifty set piece, only I forgot to sign in for more than a month, the time I came back, it was all gone, including the wall of promos I had. Several days of work, gone like the mist. After that I tried and stagnated on building, then just stopped playing, prolonging the inevitable by signing in every 20-30 days until last week. I might have lost one res compared to what you might have lost, yet it felt all the same.
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  6. So sorry to hear your promos get taken and sorry to hear your leaving. Safe travels. Catch you on the flip side.

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  7. Good luck Zion :( Was nice working with you as staff - friend me on discord if you wanna stay in touch
  8. Good bye irl is important emc is to but my dad says it just a game have fun in you life :)
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  9. If you keep your valuables in your vault, they won't go away when your reses do.
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  10. Hate to see you go but take care and have fun
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  11. Sorry to hear it's come to this. Just a shame that someone didn't at least have the decency to either let you know about it or at least vote for you.
  12. I thought this was about the EMC member ForeverMaster at first. :p (he used to be called Byeforeverthe2nd)
    I disagree. It's not like people get alerted when someone goes derelict, and unless being asked to, it seems inappropriate to regularly vote on behalf of the same person (that person not being yourself or an alt of yours, of course).
  13. I too have voted for players who were close to being derelict (and sent them a PM letting them know). It has mostly been reses with builds that look impressive and showcase what can be done with your residence on EMC. However there was one time when player approached me and said another player was waiting to forceclaim a res that was due to become derelict in a couple of days. This res had a large collection of promos and the player waiting to forceclaim was wanting to permanently delete these promos which would in turn increase the value of his own promos. I voted for the player and PM'd him. It turned out he was away at some summer camp with very little internet access. He had arranged a chance to vote to reset the derelict timer but unfortunately was not aware that voting only resets the timer back 7 days not the full 30 days of logging in. Once he explained the situation, I pointed out Derelict Protection he could make use of so he could enjoy his remaining time at camp and not worry about getting internet access to vote.
  14. I wish you luck in everything Zion_Moyer. It's been a joy having you around, both as a player and previous staff. If you ever do return to EMC and need to go on an extended leave of absence, PLEASE message me so that I may protect your residences while you are handling real life. Everyone has problems pop up every now and then, and they should definitely be priority.

    Good luck and I hope you pop back in to say hi every now and then!
  15. Sad to see you go zion. Didn't know you all that well but I've seen you around for years.
    Hope life goes well for you
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  16. I'm terribly sorry your irl is so hectic. Hang in there and I hope things will look up for you. As Evil said, friend me on discord if you wanna chat.

    I do wanna say that I have and actively do vote for other accounts and have done so for players that I'm told are about to go derelict by a concerned friend. I don't care if it your little house you worked hard to build and when you can finally return only to see it gone is hard to deal with. Wish I's known.. I'd have added you to the vote pool.

    I wish you all the best Zion, in whatever you choose to do. Please do stop in from time to time and give us a shout. <3
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  17. Sorry to hear that you will be leaving us. Best of luck and take care.
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  18. Sad to see you're going and to hear what happened. Farewell.
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  19. While you we're here, it was a blast to talk to when I could. Hope things will get less crazy for you in the nearest future
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  20. Hey dude I am sad to see you moving on from EMC. I hope all in the future is bright. I will miss the days where you wanted me to test your amazingly hard mazes and all the times we hung out on smp8. Best wishes and if you wanna chat hit me up on discord anytime. -Skele :)
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