Goodbye EMC forever

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  1. Today I left emc. I had a contest and I gave away my residence and the rest of my rupees, so there is nothing else to give. I did not want to have the temptation to come back, and to my utter dismay when I had asked Maxiaras, I learned that moderators cannot give permabans to members who would like them. So I had to do it the disgraceful way, I went into local chat on my res and I spammed.

    I had a heck of a good time on emc, and I will never forget it. You might remember me for the fun club, my 60x60 autofarm, or even my mega duplex on smp9, but I remember you all as a friend and a amazing community. Thanks to the staff, especially Maxiaras for helping me in my final hours. Thank you zbalda97 and battmeghs for teaching me and helping me. But mostly

    Thank You All!

  2. Goodbye, good luck! :)
  3. Goodbye :(

    Why are you leaving?
  4. Have fun without EMC...

    What will you be doing without us?!?
  5. Bye,Your welcome back if you promise to never spam again :)
    And that offically the worst way to leave EMC :p
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  6. We don't take the trouble to permaban someone for no reason when there's a 90% chance they'll return and have us waste time on researching why they were banned the first time. Most people who leave "forever" come back so our stance is, just leave. If you never come back, then so be it. There's no difference in being banned and not being banned if you're just going to leave anyways, haha.
  7. hmm, well bye :|
  8. Aww, thats to bad :(
  9. So sad to see you leave Josh! :( I've had a lot of great times playing with you and I will really miss you!!!! Good bye and good luck :)
  10. Wait? Did he left because he was banned?
  11. No. He asked us to ban him (he did nothing wrong) because he didn't want to play anymore. We told him to simply leave and don't come back then. He responded by spamming chat so the system banned him.

    Whatever floats your boat I guess. Haha.
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  12. Oh, ooookay, why just leave and never come back, and maybe later, coming back when you will have fun again...
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  13. Maybe he doesn't like it here anymore?
  14. My wife occasionally gives me her credit cards so she won't spend so much. Me, I just sit on mine and don't use them.

    Some people just can't do things like this. Doesn't matter if they can't or just think they can't. If they believe they can't do it by themselves, they can't.
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  15. I left by choice, I did nothing wrong, but the staff doesnt like to ban people who want to be banned, so I went into local chat and spammed, I went into local so nobody could be annoyed by me.

    I have gotten some bad grades, and it is my own choice to focus on other things.
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  16. Sad to see another member go. good luck on everything. What's happening to the sky hotel?
  17. Why did you wanna leave?
  18. Sorry to see you go, but have to say that I am impressed with your priorities. Good luck with your studies, I'm sure you'll go far :)