Good fps (frames per second) mods?

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  1. Hey emc does anyone know of a good mod to increase fps that's allowed on emc anyway? I have optifine which raised it a little but I'm having troubles getting to 15 fps :p so if anyone knows a good mod, thanks!
  2. Optifine is your friend
  3. Definitely OptiFine.

    It has great results and is very easy to install (with the installer).
  4. FastCraft. It somehow increases framerate, and used with OptiFine makes your game run really smoothly.
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  7. Huh? I was just saying that they were suggesting optifine while you already have it. =P
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  12. computer hardware mods (upgrades)
  13. Is fastcraft approved?
  14. It's just a client-side mod, it shouldn't have ANY effect on gameplay other than framerate.
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  15. Wow you guys are a lot of help! XD I downloaded fastcraft and I'm running about 30 fps, thanks guys so much!