Going for a third tour? [AMA]

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  1. hey hey, its my second year mark today on Empire Minecraft, Well, so much has happened, Will probably edit this post later to fit in the OP. Must say A lot of great members here. Most astounding community I've ever been with. I'll name off many names as I can remember, will edit some in later as I go on. Lets see:

    Kuraudochuu: You rock, amazing person here , bringing people together to have fun since day 1 :)
    JennyPoo10: We go way back jenn, Fun times on smp2 thats for sure. :D
    Eklektoi/WCG_Elite: Super Intelligent Guy, always cracks a good joke on mumble, too adorable at times xD
    PlayTehMinecraft: Most happiest Australian girl I've met like ever, we need to finish that Res! xD
    Alyattayla: You are the most understanding Aussie there is to a person. Everyone should stride to be like you in that aspect :)
    THE_LEGEND4: This guy here, amazing guy, will help you out anytime, Extremely Nice, I salute this man :p
    Bitemenow15: HAha Super funny guy on teh mumbles, always around to give ya a chuckle, he is honestly a truly awesome great pal. Keep up the good work Bite!
    MR2R2M: This guy is a real team player, and a real great friend. Original fa sho!
    Battmeghs: You are a strong strong person. Probably been a role model for me ever since I saw you rise. I am proud to be your friend :)
    Electracat: Super nice person to be around, definitely cheerful and fun to derp with. You are too much fun ^^
    Talukegord: Hey Hey Hey, This guy, champion of the Mob Arena countless times, Definitely a great dude to talk to. Will make ya laugh nonetheless :)
    Dwight5273: Hahaha If there was a short way to say how great he is I would but, he is a super super great guy to be around. *bows in honor*
    HurferDurfer1: Haha, we may have had our differences but your a awesome guy to talk to. Always there to have a conversation and talk into the next day :)
    Deathconn: The Coon. That is all :p
    Kells18: Haha, the most excitement I can see from anyone. Mumble fun times :D
    Jcplugs: We too have our differences lately but your a great person and a great friend who was there for me.
    Billbob352: Ayeeee !
    RandomZh: Master of Stonegen.
    OrigamiJoe: Hehe Fun days on smp5 and here and there in other places :)
    Melk73: Awesome Aussie Friend, LOVES Pizza!
    Cac32234: Chill guy, Needs to get on Minecraft more xD
    Tiburok: Excellent Violinist, and very nice guy.
    Cordial_Pie: Cordieee Pieee, You are fun in the most randomness ways possible c:

    Many more other names that I quite can't remember for some odd reason. Also I hope everyone had Fun at the ICC head drop and the Fire Spleef!
  2. ....remember for some odd reason......
    Bro do you even lift?
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  3. You are the best south! Great guy to be around on the smps!
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  4. :confused: Wat
  5. It's been great knowing you Southpark! I hope we have many more great times in the future!
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  6. Bump! for more questions to me!~
  7. My question is...what about me?
  8. Guys, real questions, jeebuz. :U

    My question to you :3

    Gale or Peeta? :U -gives you evil eye-
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  9. gale. peeta is just a little whiney fella bro, least gale can go and kill you an oxen
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  10. Peeta, coz no offense , he's pretty cute :3
  11. Ohhohohohohh you did not just say that
    Your just jealous because uh you just are jealous :U
    guuuurl I can't look at you the same way anymore >:I

    Just kidding, I still love you :D
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  12. Congrats :D
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