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  1. Ok, so I live roughly 36000 blocks from spawn on smp4 and there is NO glowstone anywhere so, has Justin turned off glowstone spawning or am i just really unlucky????
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  2. polar-bear-facepalm1.jpg
    Really unlucky.
  3. Go out further than 750 blocks out and you'll find some :)
  4. Did you go into the Nether? For the record I just finished a trip to the Nether on smp4 and got like 5 stacks of Glowstone. There is plenty out there- one must simply look in places no where has been.

    You say you live very very very far in the wild, so no one else has probably been there in the Nether, it won't take long till you are fighting off ghasts on a 30 block high tower lol
  5. Bow and arrow + Fire resis potions + Feather falling boots w/diamonds armour = Win.
  6. The Nether is the most greifed and dangerous place I've ever seen. If you don't go REALLY far away from spawn. Maybe Nether outposts is a good idea.
  7. =Not enough money
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  8. This is what I do- Go to an outpost in the Wild... Go out a bit, create a Nether Portal, and teleport to a usually untouched area of the Nether.

    Edit: I don't remember why I quoted you lol
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  9. Is there any way to get back to the spawn without using livemap? :confused:
  10. Write down the coords of spawn... then walk there!
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  11. ._.
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  12. I need stuff for building my mall and sell stuff... It's a vicious circle :(
  13. :(
  14. Do you know where is the End? that info could be really helpful
  15. Nah, not after the reset :/
  16. :( I need like 128000 stacks of endstone.
  17. thare IS a reset! noooo
  18. Smp4 end is practically useless now that the end grinders have been trashed. One might be fixed though. Msg me if you still want to go there.
    And, RESET?
  19. Rei's Minimap is the key!

    RESET!? Will locked chest be reseted with it?!