GIANT drop party!!! my b-day

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  1. Hello everyone!
    today im here to tell you that i will have a giant after birthday party drop party.It will be held on the 25th (my birthday is on the 23rd).It will be on a Saturday at 3pm est time.Hope to see everyone there! I will post a picture of all the items i will drop.The res number is 8488.MORE INFO LATER!

    (i will also livestream/record for youtube :D)
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  2. I'll be there :)
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  3. I will be there also
  4. Can't come. Too early
  5. here is what is in 1 of the 4 dc's :D
    the last 2 items are promo's :D

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  6. Yayayayyayayyayya at last I can come to something!!!! :) :D
  7. Should be able to make it :) :) :)
  8. A bit early for me (10am) but I may be able to make it. :)
  9. sounds good ^_^ will be there
  10. I'll see you there! Thanks! :D
  11. Sweet Ill try my best.... might have a wrestling match
  12. Ore buster has been added!!!
  13. Aww, it will be 5AM in my country :(