Ghost Town

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by darryshan, May 7, 2012.

  1. We really need people on some servers, like SMP7. When the new servers opened SMP7 turned into a ghost town. Please can people at least have a presence on these servers as they are so deserted, it doesn't feel right.
  2. i think on smp2 there is an average of 8 players when I'm on :(
  3. Join server 8! It is so awesome
  4. no 2 is better :p
  5. You have to remember that it's all about timezones. During peak US times, all the servers are busy or full. During early morning GMT times (Like now) most servers are close to empty because all the US players have gone to bed and all the European players have gone to work.

    Nothing is going to change that unfortunately, unless EMC finds the country that fills that gap with their timezone and hammers their gaming websites with advertising or posts linking back. So Australia, here we come!
  6. But the Australian members are online! My friends and I (5+) play on server 8
  7. Yes, but there's only a few of you. We'd need the same sort of US membership in your timezone to see the servers at the same numbers.
  8. Very True, well looks like I should Refer more people!!
  9. how do you join it im trying but i cant get it
  10. no i just cant find the join server botton
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  12. SMP 4 seems to be bustling with activity it seems o.o
  13. You just have to join in-game, there's no need to make it official on the site or anything.
  14. xD i found a new prison server, so until that gets old, I wont be seeing u on smp7 :p just hope i get re jailed after im free and ill probably blow up the server :)
  15. I think SMP8 is one of the few that is constantly filling up in the evening by Central Standard Time. I really like SMP8, since I live there. :p All the people are really nice, hope it stays that way.

    It is annoying at night though sometimes, when I'm trying to do something really fast and the server keeps filling before I can join. XD
  16. Seems that the statement is out of date.