Ghost Blocks: The way to become mentally insane

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  1. So, ghost blocks are the worst thing anyone can deal with.

    I dig sand all the time and I deal with ghost blocks all the time, it is very annoying.

    I have become insane, everywhere I walk I feel a ghost block. It sends shivers down my spine. I cannot deal with it anymore.... /kill.

    No, but really does anyone know of a way to deal with these pesky little buggers. I hate em.
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  2. place a block down and then break it
  3. that gets annoying when every other sand block is a ghost block, and you are mining for many DCs.
  4. What is this ghost block of which you speak?
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  5. log out and back on :p nothing else to do about it i think :/
  6. less efficient shovel :p
  7. #ILikeDiggingFastIfIHadToDigSlowerIWouldntDigAtAll
  8. ya i get it :/
    i have the same problem a lot
    but i don't get as many dc's as you so i can live with it
  9. No way around it. I get the same thing with my Eff V pick with Haste II beacon on. It's being 'broken' too fast for the game to keep up. A simple log out and log in always makes it appear. Other then a less efficient shovel, don't see any way to avoid it.
  10. You could change the line of service of your company and provide wood instead - less sand ghostblocks :D
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  11. I dealt with this constantly when getting 50 DCs of sand. They are not fun. The best way to deal with them is just to wherever you get stuck in one disconnect and reconnect. You get used to t and it is the best way.
  12. I'm not sure there is really a way around it I'm afraid. Either disconnecting or placing and breaking are your only bets, but they can both be annoying. :(
  13. Here is a secret no one has mentioned yet. If you suspect that there is a ghost block in a specific location, try right clicking it. Or you can spin around while right clicking.

    Not sure if the next one makes a difference but use eff4 shovels as opposed to eff5.
  14. I use eff4, eff5 costs more to repair ;)

    Also right clicking it does nothing.
  15. What version of Minecraft are you on?
  16. 1.8.3, but version doesnt matter I do not think. This has been a bug since a long time. Plus we are running 1.7 atm so not sure if version would make a difference. Its happened to me while on EMC 1.7.10, and 1.7.2
  17. I think there should be a mod for this which forces the client to download the chunk again.
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  18. Use efficiency 3 with no haste effect.
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  19. EFF4 is the lowest that auto mines sand if I am not mistaken.