Ghasts are the jump scare kings

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  1. so for those who dont know im a huge chicken XD i was in the nether trying to get quartz for something but at spawn a ghast was shooting stuff at me i didnt mind it cuz he couldnt do anything buuttttt i went to a diffrent spot cuz i was tired of the ghast and it was quiet i walked up to a few pigmen said hello found out they dont attack on sight went around a corner to a open area low and behold a ghast started shooting stuff at me he came out of no where i screamed and bolted as fast as i could back to spawn XD
  2. Cool story bruv
  3. ikr feel like a total boss right now :cool:
  4. you are, I didn't go to the Nether in about a year now, you're brave you dare to go :)
  5. Take an enchanted bow with you to the Nether. Shoot those Ghasts out of the sky.
  6. An interesting tidbit. The sound of the ghast was based on the sound c418's cat makes.
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  7. to scary i need to find a way esier to to get severl invs of quartz