Getting Chickeneered

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Have you ever been Senior Staffed?

Yes 15 vote(s) 39.5%
No 20 vote(s) 52.6%
I've Senior Staffed somebody else. 3 vote(s) 7.9%
  1. Tonight I was doing some building when chickeneer showed up. He did some crazy things.
    Walking around my res some strange sounds began to arrive, a very loud combination of mobs and explosions. When I asked about it in chat they thought I was insane. Then this showed up...

    ...Notice the "I would go insane" and the "did it though?"
    finch_rocks_1 arrived and things got even weirder...

    ... chickeneer's steed appeared, along with a giant whom I have affectionately named Timothy, and an immortal chicken.

    He then pretended to leave and after 10 minutes returned with a vengeance. A hole filled with snow golems under constant barrage of lightning appeared on my res...

    ... He did leave me a souvenir in the form of a sign on the road by my res.

    and one for finch on his...

    and that's what I have to say about that.
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  2. And this is why Chickeneer is the best.
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  3. It was fun, and different, some sounds i never heard before, :p.
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  4. Nice!! :D
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  5. This is why the Empire is great. :rolleyes:
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  6. A ghost placed a block in front of me once.
  7. I want a snow golem on my res ;_;
  8. I still have snow golems on my property from before they were banned.
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  9. Some people have old iron golems in town also.
    Unfortunately, my old in-town squid were auto-murdered :p
  10. out of curiosity, Why were golems banned?
  11. Griefing problems. Also, they're considered hostile and you can't spawn those in town.
  12. and people were making in town iron farms and squid farms, so I guess for performance reasons they were turned off in town
  13. Wait, I think a while back when I lived on smp1, somebody opened a door, I thought it was Artemis, but it must've been chicken :rolleyes:
  14. This literarily made my evening JJ... I wish I was there for it XP As for being senior staffed, Chin once crashed an unplanned party I was having and started following me around placing a pumpkin on my head before chucking various splash potions (Invisibility, nausea, etc.) at my guests XD
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  15. lol, They are crazy
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  16. People wonder how staff members are so good at catching trolls. You see, my friends, the staff members are the trolls. :p
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  17. In EMC, staff troll YOUUUUUU!
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  18. Hell, this looks kinda funny :p I think I kinda wanna be Senior Staffed XD