Get to know me:D

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  1. Feel free too ask any questions; comments; concerns ;p

    Random facts about me:
    My names Jade! :D
    I have a cat and he's my baby his names rubix.
    I'm terrible at math.
    I like bugging people while they're building (...Alex...)
  2. Can we see pictures of your cat?
  3. um <.< do you like caik?
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  4. He's a babe:D
    Here's my other cat. And one of my dog:)

    Dat's whiskers

    And dat's Abi
  5. I'm sorry I have no clue who/ what that is...
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  6. That might just be the cutest thing I might ever see
  7. oh sorry haha, do you like cake :p?
  8. I am guessing he/she meant "cake"

    EDIT: I got NINJA'D!
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  9. I love cake..
    Chocolate with vanilla frosting.
    It's da best.

    I'm a huge fan of banana bread also.
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  10. He's the best cat.
    He's crazy but he's cool:D
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  11. Can you name your billion ''alts'' ?
  12. I can tell you a few;p
    Meh accounts are;
    Jcplugs; Alexchance3, Alexchance4,
    And I have access too more
    Ill be adding new accounts soon also. So..
  13. Penfoldex? ;s
  14. Nooo:p
  15. I'm sure.... :p
  16. I
    I'm not:p
  17. Eating a Tomato salad how does that make you feel?
  18. DAWWW Kitteh has socks and a bowtie! Whiskers looks like they're "real tired of you *FLOOP*, and that's amazing, your dog works at wal mart!

    Jk, I see the name under the pic xD.

    How often do you color your hair crazy colors?
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  19. Solve for x:

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  20. x=1434.24
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