Gather 'round, point and laugh.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Omeletrice, Jan 28, 2012.

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    It seems there is some gnarly crooked number that represents the percentage of probability I have just been thoroughly and thoughtfully arseignited.

    brb butthurt
  2. Brb, gotta do my job.
  3. I have had this happen to me before, yea, its not nice, I am sure the staff will sort him out pronto :)
  4. I don't understand...
    Is it to see if you'll accidentally click the sign and buy an extremely expensive diamond upon arriving?

    He advertised diamonds for price and then sold them for 10x price!
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  5. Why I go out and find every item I need rather than simply buying them. Makes the game WAAAY more fun.
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  6. That's why I tempbanned him! Scamming.
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  7. Yes, and sometimes people use devious methods to hide the price, in my case:

    The guy had the sign above the chest, he was advertising them for 35.50, so I clicked the sign and was charged 3550! So I looked closely and saw that where the decimal point ought to be was actually being covered by the chests "lock" chests glitch and stay open.

    So yea, not nice to be on the receiving end, I see he has got a 24 hour temp ban Omel, so don't worry he has been punished :)
  8. That's why Justin removed decimals, MR2. :p Though somebody could still charge you an obscene amount in a similar way, then get banned in a similar way...
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  9. I don't trust diamond salesmen. Usually, I just make a shack on some random island on the North outpost and mine my way downwards, hoping to at least find iron, if not redstone and diamond.

    I get that it's pretty tough to adventure, though, so I hope that cheapskates like these get owned by lava or something cruel. No need for that many rupees. BTW, this is for both Green_Mystery and MR2R2M; good luck for the next time you shop.
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  10. Yea I know why he removed decimals. oh yea, rest assured there will be some fools in the future who will try this :D
  11. As do I
    Thanks, you too :)
  12. My butt still has a burning rash
  13. I would have thought your wallet was the object in pain XD
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  14. My wallet doesn't hurt anymore.

    Cause it got jacked.
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  15. Like vitually any vehicle in Halo: Combat Evolved. At least, when I start flying around and play assassin...