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  1. Hey what up everyone Mythic here.
    I am here to let ya all know what I do.
    Mostly I will do Halo 4, Black Ops 2, and Minecraft.
    When I get the change I will do some videos on the Empire since there is a lot of awesome things to see on the Empire. There are many people and they all make very nice new things.
    Other videos that I will do at times is: Call of Duty Ghost, Titanfall, Fallout New Vegas, Borderlands 2, Halo Reach, Halo 3 ODST, Halo 3, Dead Island Riptide, and World of Tanks, Lost Planet 2, Fallout 3, Dead Space 2, Dead Space 3, Assassin Creed Revelations, Assassin Creed 3, Assassin Creed 4 Black Flag, and etc...
    Most of the time you will see me die a lot.
    I will tell stories at times or just talk about random things.
    If people needs help installing a mod to Minecraft I will help them out by making a video.
    I like learning about new things.
    Here is a link to my channel
    I do my best when making these videos.
    Here are some videos I made.
  2. EMC has a youtube team...I can't be in it since I only play osu! ;-;
  3. Maybe you do your own thing. Everyone can do anything.
  4. ah your a smart YouTube gamer playing the halo games (#haloreachfolife!) but really get halo reach, SOOOO much better than halo 4!
  5. I have Halo Reach and it is a very fun game indeed.
  6. Firefight with a friend is always fun and once I aimed the sniper rifle at an incoming grunt and at the same time as I clicked the trigger my friend jumped in the way and I got a headshot on him =P
  7. Lol nice. It hard when friendly fire is on due to friends/team mates getting in the way.
  8. "one does not simply aim. one does a 360 jump snapshot to him to the head" (yeah I do a lot of gruntpocoplyse )
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  9. Lol ^^