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Will you be playing?

Yes 15 vote(s) 78.9%
No 3 vote(s) 15.8%
4$ky 3 vote(s) 15.8%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I saw this on another forum so I have decided to try it here.
    For starters, each player that signs up will be put inside one of the 16 boxes (determined by After that, the game will begin and it will be split into rounds consisting of two days (or 48 hours). Each round, you may send me a vote on a player that is on that grid. Once the time is up, the player with the most votes will receive immunity for the next round while the player with the second most votes gets eliminated. After all, being second place is being the first to lose.

    In addition, the columns and rows that the winner from each round occupies are also immune for the next round.

    This continues until only four/three players remain and a special round will need to be played.

    If the glory of winning is not enough, the winner will get 20,000r.

    To vote, you will have to inbox me who you choose either number or name. Only people in the game may vote ;)
    9. jkrmnj
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  2. Alright, with only 2 spots open I ask all the have joined the game to simply post on this thread so you can keep up with the news.
  3. Okay, what to post about... uh, hi? :p
  4. I would love to join if there is still a spot.
  5. Private message me, I ask you this because you will be using the private message throughout the game.
  6. ok
  7. I shall not be first loser!
  8. I'll take that last spot!
  9. Ultimamaxx took the last spot. Wow!
  10. First round
    Begins: August 13, 6:00 AM
    Ends: August 15, 6:00 AM

    You can submit your votes by simply private messaging me the number you choose. You cannot vote for yourself!
  11. Both EMC time, correct?
  12. No, 1 is China time the other is Alaskan time.

    Yes, both EMC time.
  13. Bump, be sure to vote!
  14. Um, I'm a little confused. Can we only vote after August 13th?

    Also, please be mature enough to not use alts, people :)

    Edit: Also, I think we should vote for ourself. I don't think it'll be good if people are setting up strategies in a pm to try let someone win or lose. (with this I mean don't say who you're voting on, not putting your vote on yourself)
  15. aww, so close :(
  16. Only people in the game may vote :)
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