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  1. For the summer, I have the choice between 2 xbox one games:

    • Borderlands: Handsome Collection
    • Neverwinter
    Both games have hours of fun to be had, but for htose of you out there who own either of these for X1, which do you think I should go for and why?
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  2. Borderlands.
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  3. I own neither on X1, but I have played Borderlands and I loved it. I Googled Neverwinter, and it doesn't look too impressive IMO. If you are way into MMOs, then it may be a better choice, but if Minecraft is the closest you have gotten to an MMO, then I would avoid it. If you haven't watched any let's plays on it yet, do so.
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  4. The producers are hosting an open beta thing where all gold members can download the game to try it. I am currently downloading it. Borderlands was another choice because I never played any borderlands, and a friend told me it is sort of like Destiny with raids and stuff so that was an option.

    I have never played an mmo, minecraft is the closest but I wanted to know what people had to say before I go spend 60 bucks.
    Try the Neverwinter beta thing, and rent BL, best way to test them out.:) Hopefully Redbox is available in your region.
  6. So apparently neverwinter is free to play lol...

    Looks like im getting borderlands and have both of them xD
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