[Game]Rhyme the sentence!

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  1. Is just to put a word that rhymes with the before, but you have to make a sentence with it:Then each person would do a new one: When a sentence end, the new person decidess the first word==> the ne rhyme
    you may use article's

    Person 1: Minecraft
    Person 2: autographed
    Person 3: the spacecraft. Line

    Start with: Gas
  2. How do you pronounce Was?

  3. was is pronounced as was, use google translate sound...
  4. My brain hurt after that Xp
  5. I'm just a bit confused. Went from Mass (end sounds like ass) to was (end sounds like uz). Google Translate says wuz too
  6. I think we're also supposed to be trying to make a sentence and not just rhyming. Right now our sentence seems to say:
    Gas mass was because

    Which doesn't make much sense...maybe scramble the words and make it say:
    Gas was mass because

    I'll throw in: the lass

    (Before someone corrects me, the example shows person three with "the" before the rhyming word. And yes I did rhyme with gas and mass, because I feel like this word should according to the way the sentence is going.)