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  1. So I am making this thread for you guys to submit game titles you would like reviewed. PC games if you dont mind.. just simply because it will be easier for me to do video reviews.. maybe later on I can provide more options, but as of right now... stick to PC games. These reviews will of course just be my opinion :p.. but feel free to recommend some if there are some you guys are thinking about purchasing or you are on the wall about getting.. just recommend it and I will do a review to help you out :).

    Current List and Progress:

    1. Diablo 3: In progress
    2. Minecraft: Pending
    3. Sniper Elite V2: Pending
    4. Alan Wake: Pending
    5. Men of War: Assault: Pending
    6. Saints Row- The Third: Pending
    7. Starcraft 2: Pending
    8. Command and Conquer 3: Red Alert
  2. Sniper Elite V2
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  3. lolz to this one :p

    Thanks for the quick suggestions guys xD... I knew someone would suggest diablo 3.. i did not know it would be the very first one. I am going to update the first post with a list so you guys know the progress.
  4. OMG someone already said Sniper Elite V2 :( man I want to play the full version so bad :/
  5. OH, for real, Men Of War: Assault Squad. <-- THAT GAME IS EPIC.
  6. Saints Row The Third :p this I'm looking forward too xD
  7. Starcraft. Starcraft 2. Diablo. Diablo 2 and Expansion. Warcraft 1, 2, 3 and expansion. Age of Empires. Windows Pinball. Solitaire. Internet Checkers. Spiral Knights.

    I think that's a decent list.
  8. Command and Conquer 3: Red Alert
  9. Fan of Blizzard are we? also, Starcraft was SEXY! good times those were...
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  10. I will do starcraft 2... but not the others >.>.. just because.. I do not see the need for going to far back in the past to pick up some of these games...
  11. Darksiders I & II
    Saints Row The Third
  12. HEY MOW:Assault squad just recently came out. and its also on steam. ..... :3 also, STORE, Y U GET RID OF STARCRAFT BATTLECHEST. Brood war was better T-T
  13. i was just talking about max's post
  14. In order to fully understand Diablo 3, you must play Diablo 1 & 2. In order to understand Starcraft 2, you have to play the original! >=[
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  15. But I HAVE played them.. this is just simply to review them you crazy xD
  16. One does not simply, just play the expansions.
  17. I am not just playing the expansions -_-.. starcraft 2 by itself is not an expansion.. it is a game.. that has expansions...