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  1. Hi guys,
    so for my school i have to do a project.
    i have to make a game in a program called gamemaker.
    its really basic stuff ( and 2d).
    so here's my question for you guys: do you have ideas for a game i could make?
    And if you have tips, they are always welcome ! :D
    so submit any idea you have!

    But i wont be able to make a 3d game or Mp (multiplayer game).
    Im not that skilled with this program cause im only using it for a week now but ill do my best to make it into something cool.

    Oh and i only have 3weeks time left. so a huge project or some sort is not possible :/
  2. make a platformer, those are probably pretty easy
  3. cake clicker?
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  4. Make pacman!
    I did it using Scratch in 6th grade, it's not too tough to do.
    In fact, you could let one person use WASD to control a ghost, while the other uses a keypad to control pacman.
  5. thats a bit too easy.. i could make a zelda : a link to the past
    but a friend of mine is doing that already and i dont want to copy... (its not the whole zelda game just a part of it)
  6. I came up with the idea of an zombie survival game, with multiple waves and a possible coöp.
    With a shop to buy/ upgrade weapons. and multiple maps. you also have to buy maps in the store.
    with an easter egg map of pokémon ;P cause who doesnt love pokemon and zombie's ! :D
  7. 1d, or 2d?
  8. When you have any questions, feel free to ask:) I know a decent amount about gamemaker, in my opinion. About the game: you can still make something zelda-like, with gameplay and puzzle dungeons and stuff, but just create your own storyline and characters: I think it will earn your much more points, cause just trying to make zelda is less original. I would also like to know more about the project from school. And one thing: I think 3 weeks is way to short for something like this, I think you have to talk with someone about that, cause you'll need to spend really much time programming when you want to make a complete game in 3 weeks.
  9. 1d? That should be hard to make.

    Ok, I would like to see your progress, and when it's done I would really appreciate it if I can have a look at the source;)
  10. ofc ! :D and when i stumble apon a problem ill ask it here !
    im sure you guys will be able to help me out
  11. Oh and btw feel free to submit idea's for a zombie game / or something different ! :D
    Or ideas for back grounds and maps.
  12. 2d.. 1d would be hard XD
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  13. im not really into platform games.. and you are right those are easy to make.
    if i have any free time from school i could make one.. but then the problem would be that i dont have an idea for a platform game.. XD
  14. A tanks game I made one on game salad it's really good simple 2d software and tank game would be fun and 2 player on keyboard that's what I did its easy I made a shop on it too