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  1. I have decided to go and start a wilderness community. However, because we most likely will reset the wild I will start building after the reset. But because we dont know for sure if they will reset the wild, if Empire doesnt reset the wild the whole idea MAY be scratched.

    Yes - Reset the non Town worlds WITH a weeks notice and special features during that time
    399 vote(s)89.5%
    No - I want them all to stay the way they are now, do not reset
    47 vote(s)10.5%

    So I am now looking for potential people who would like to stay in the community. It would be around 500 blocks away from a outpost spawn (N,E,S,W) and it would be underground to protect us from griefers. There would also be a shop level where people could set up shops to sell things, a level for people to grow things, and a level for fun things like roller coasters and such. Later i will add a design mockup here.

    So please comment if you are interested in living in the community and feel free to debate.
  2. 500 blocks wont protect you from griefers.

    You need to be at least 10,000 blocks out to start being safe.

    Don't forget too, you (currently) cannot create Shop signs in the Wild.
  3. 500 blocks away would be chewed up by diamond strip miners very quickly.
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  4. Now im thinking about 2,000 blocks out in the middle of the water. heres the designs, vote up top for which one you would prefer.

  5. What server do you play on. I and I am up for it, I have experience living and having a community in the wilderness.
  6. The wild group I am/was part of was 30k away from one of the outpost.
  7. The community will be on smp4. I need donations to buy food and make a supply shop. (not using signs, but /rupees pay ......)

    Allowing Donations:
    Rupees (you can give from the forums or at my res 8430 on smp4)

    Help me begin building this Sunday after 1pm, i will release exact time Sunday
  8. So do you want to join in the group? I am on smp 1. I have started gathering resources to bring to my next colony.
  9. I have all the food, wood, tool and sapling on smp1 already. my residence in town is a factory pretty much.
  10. Will you donate some?
  11. yeah but can it be smp1? I would prefer that. I can get stacks of cooked chicken stacks of wood and iron and diamond tools, and torches.
  12. Cant you just use the cross server vault?
  13. yes but it costs money and I am saving my for glowstone to finish up my farms at my factory.
  14. I will be heading back to my res Saturday. and finish some farms and prep for the new colony. We can discuses what server it will be on later. Do you have xbox live or skype?
  15. any way u could get a mike from like target 4 20 ish bucks so we can talk while in the wilderness the typing takes to long.
  16. I have one, but I am without internet until sunday, so we can begin sunday
  17. Ok that will work.:)
  18. I might be able to use my computer later today, then we can begin building. I will pm you when later when I am on. We will put the community on smp1!