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  1. I wonder whowatch the "Fringe" :)

  2. I do, I love the show :)

    I'm a Science/SciFi geek. This show really interests me.
  3. I only watched season 1 and then lost track of it. It must be awesome because the box-sets are still so expensive.
  4. its maintained a very steady plot... its great that the way the show is keeps it open to all possibilities, not locking themselves into anything due to previous plot.

    it can keep going with unique twists for a long time.

    I always call it a mix between X Files and CSI, both of which shows that went on for a VERY long time :p
  5. Ditto Aikar, i've been an avid fan and watched ever since it first aired. Walter rules. :)
    I still watch it each week as it premiers in US, and it isn't even aired in Australia anymore, except for on foxtel which is like a season or so behind US release.