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  1. Hey everyone, I need 5 referrals to get 25 more points on Bing Rewards. I will be maxed out for today.
    All you have to do is sign up for Bing Rewards (which is free) and then fulfill the requirements to get your points. Do searches, referral links, etc. It is not a difficult program.

    I need just 20 MS Points to download a copy of the new Skyrim Hearthfire add-on but the minimal points are 100. I used up all 3 of my Every Cup Wins Dr. Pepper rewards, so if you have 1 of those codes, that would be even quicker. :)

    Thanks and use this post as a link dump for your own referral links as well. :)

    Click here and sign up. :)

    If you are not a U.S. Citizen and utilizing your internet from a U.S. IP address, this will not work for you.. Sorry.
  2. Says the web page doesn't exist when I click here and sign up:confused:
  3. Worked when I clicked it....
  4. Webpage doesn't exist
  5. I think I did it right...

    And the webpage worked for me
  6. That is why it doesn't work for you... Sorry, this applies to U.S. Citizens only... I will update the OP.
  7. We always miss out on the good things.
  8. I totally agree.. It is going to be terrible when I move to Honduras as I wont even have XBox Live...
  9. It's not working for me. I'm in the u.s. in hawaii
  10. It may be CONUS (Continental United States) only... :confused:
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  11. For those who are weary of Rewards:
    This is the email I received with my 100 points reward code. The code is used, so I am not blocking it out but my personal information (e-mail address and real name) are hidden.

    I added the black bars and the red circle myself. ;)
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