FPS issues with large EMC shops

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  1. After the 1.6.2. update I came back to the empire to play around and hopefully update my residence. I started noticing an issue though, when playing vanilla minecraft, where my fps would go down to 2 while in smp1 res 1112, which is a large well known shop. Initially I didn't realize that this was isolated, but multiplayer wide, so I installed forge and optifine in the hopes of fixing the issue. It helped bump me up to 6 fps while in the shop, but up to 16 fps while on my res, which is the reason for my post today.

    Maybe it's always been like this and I've just never noticed it, but if anyone has an explanation OR a way to resolve the issue client side it would be much appreciated.
  2. The same thing you speak of used to happen to me too. It's most definitely client side. I got a new laptop last week, and now have absolutely no issue. Running around 160/170 fps on the res you mentioned. (Also, on KryssyyJane9191's res on smp2.)

    Have you played with the chunk download options, to find the right fit for your system? That helped me a great deal. Quite simply, there is just a LOT to load in that shop. :D
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  3. Also, queendiva1's res on smp9. Install optifine again. Or get a better computer/more ram.
  4. Most of the lag is caused by the signs too, so Optifine will definitely help you out as it only loads signs that you're looking at.
  5. Yeah iv just started noticing the lag on my res these days. I kinda would have liked to pay more attention to it in the past so I would have a better idea of what was normal. But im down in the 15's for FPS lately. But that's with just vanilla minecraft no other mods or anything installed.
  6. just get 4 nvidia titans :3
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  7. Yeah... when I grow my money tree I'll get right on that, k? ^_^
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  8. Thanks to you I just started playing around with those options. I'll let you know if anything improves.
  9. I cant bare games running lower than my refresh rate on my Computer (75Hz) I don't know why but it gives me the heebie jeebies
  10. Even on my brand new laptop - Core i7 4770, Geforce GTX770 3GB.... I was having some glitches with chunk loading. Toying around with those settings will definitely help.
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  11. I think some of it is also cause by the beacon animation, but that's just a hunch.
  12. It did improve after some tweaking! Now I'm up to a steady 6 fps in large shops, which is juuuuust enough to make my screen not look like it's playing red light green light.
  13. 6fps

  14. Yeah, cheap computer, but still better than my last one. It would probably be better if I downgrade from W8 to W7.
  15. can you list your specs? (computer)
  16. I dont suggest downgrading to Windows 7, Windows 8 was designed with the intention of tablets and things alike, hence, there are fewer processes and stuff running in the background compared to windows 7. The main problem for FPS is graphics.

    Depending on what computer you got set up at the moment, I think a GeForce GTX 680 will fix your problem alot. You could go even lower generation wise but i wouldnt suggest that as the technology is growing at a fast rate and you dont want to go back too far to only have it outdate in a month or so and need to upgrade everything else.
    If you are wanting to do this:
    and fork out about $4k, for those and then SLI them together on a SLI compatiable motherboard, then your FPS will sky rocket like crazy.

    If there is more than 4 beacons on a residence then yes, your hunch is correct. Otherwise, there is barely a noticeableimpact from them.

    Ah, an nice newish 4th generation Core i7 you got there. :)

    RAM isnt much of a problem, as a minimum of 2gb (usable) would be sufficient for running Minecraft.