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  1. I found someone's stuff (expensive enchanted armor and tools along with good mob drops) in the southeast waste area on smp9. It appears they were killed by a creeper. I took a screenshot of the coordinates. Do /deathlog to get your coordinates from where you died. I'll give you your stuff back if our coordinates matches up.
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  2. crystaldragon has something for this *waits for someone to post link*
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  4. Thanks for the link FDNY. I had no idea that thread existed. Seems like "lost and found" should have its own section to make it easy to find. Threads tend to be pushed back and buried in the pages of other threads.
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  5. It's not an official thread as such, but I see where you're coming from!
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  6. Should be put to the top of the section its in. Ya know? pinned
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