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  1. There are many people here on EMC that can be contacted for various things. Often it's not clear who you need contact, and how, this guide will hopefully clear that up.

    Ban Appeals
    PM the mod on the site that banned you to appeal. This is visible on the ban message that appears when you login.

    Player Reports
    For simple reports such as chat offences, use the command /report [name of person you want to report] [reason] in-game - for example: /report Electric_Hamster Swearing multiple times.

    For reports that will require a more in-depth look into, and possibly more info from you (such as griefing reports), send a PM on the site to a moderator listed on this page.

    Please include as much info as possible, along with screenshots if possible.

    Bug Reports
    Please PM the Bug Team on the site, in 1 PM about any bugs you find. The Bug Team is:
    • JackBiggin
    • AlexChance
    Residence Unclaims
    If you want the res of someone who's been offline for over 10 days, PM the following people on the site, in 1 PM:
    • shaunwhite1982
    • Bigdavie
    • Maxarias
    • IcecreamCow
    Make sure you include the number and server of the res you want unclaiming, and the name of the current owner.

    Old Vault Voucher Redeems
    If you have an old vault voucher (one that you can't right click) that you'd like to redeem, PM the following people on the site:
    • shaunwhite1982
    • Bigdavie
    • Maxarias
    • IcecreamCow
    Make sure you include where the vault voucher is (often, it's best to leave it in your vault, so it's easy for them to find).

    General Help & Support
    The community is always here if you just need a bit of general help. The Empire Help & Support forum is there to ask for any Minecraft related help.
  2. You did it again Jack, good guide.
  3. Don't forgot to add a little something about ban appeals, even if it already is in EMC Guides. :p
  4. Isn't eklektoi in the bug team? Great guide though!
  5. Putting ICC as the example may lead someone to believe that you have to put the name of a mod there, like it's a message, as opposed to putting the name of an offender. This could result in accidental abuse of the report system. Perhaps you could replace the example with a name like 'randomperson123'?
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  6. Nope. :)
  7. I have a question for everyone. How do you post screenshots in PM's? I really can't figure it out through 317 days.
    1. If you're on Windows 7, click the Start button, type in Snipping Tool into the Search bar, click on Snipping Tool, use it to select a rectangular area encompassing your Minecraft window. Otherwise, just hit PrintScreen and paste the image into Paint, and save it.
    2. Go to imgur.com.
    3. Upload image.
    4. Go into conversation with staff.
    5. Click tree icon on bar.
    6. Paste in direct link to the uploaded image.
    7. Put in any other info.
    8. Send.
    9. ????
    10. Profit.
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  8. Thanks!
  9. Could have swear I did... fix'd.

    I'll just use one my my alts.
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