[Forum Game] Will You Survive?

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  1. The rules are simple,

    Think about the game you last beat, and the main bad guy in that game is who is coming after you, with revenge in their eyes. The only thing that can stop the bad guy is the character (Any character, good or bad) you CONTROLLED in the last game you played. How dead are you on a scale of 1 to 9,001?

    I'll begin.

    Trevor (Grand Theft Auto V) is after me, and the only thing that can "stop" him is the Sniper (Team Fortress 2).

    Screwed level: 9,001 :eek:
  2. I have the whole of team magma after me and I am the male character. I assume doesn't include the Pokemon in my team. If not, all I can do is throw balls at them.
    Level: 8999
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  3. I'm chell from portal 2 me vs Wheatly

    Srewed leve 9001(he is so dumb he accidentally kills stuff
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