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  1. The year is 1945.
    New Nations around the globe are forming.
    Make a nation, go to war, or concentrate on upgrading your nations different things.
    It's your choice.

    In the game you will face:
    Civil Wars
    And just trying to run the nation you have.

    Example of Nation Application:

    Name: USSR
    Consists Of (You may put as many nations as you want, but don't be greedy, and remember more nations results in more possibility of a uprising): Soviet Union, Turkey, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Czechslovakia, Moldova, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary
    (Don't make bad jokes like "my country has been already taken")

    The Rules

    1. No godmodding. None. At. All
    2. Take a decent amount of posts to build something(The number of posts it takes is the amount of posts the entire topic increases, not your amount of posts, meaning it is easier to develop if nations are in a time when they are developing new technologies)
    3. Read Mrlegitislegit's post a few posts down for a excellent example of what is not allowed.
    4. Don't make it so you win all the time in wars, this rule is technically don't be OP.
    5. Famine and disasters will only happen if it is plausible for it to happen. For example, Berlin will not be affected by a volcano or London won't be hit by a 8.4 earthquake.
  2. that is being greedy though, russia and china are some of the largest countries in the world, plus all those other countries probably adds up to about a quarter of the world's landmass.
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  3. 24 other people came on this thread and went and didn't complain.

    Don't see why you needed too.

    China also has many problems, such as overpopulation.

    It adds to fun also, because it means my nation will have to deal with more food production.

    My statement concluded.
  4. Well of course they are, Russia and China are not part of Europe so they are not on a map of Europe lol.

    People will be more likely to join your game if you play it fairly. I think the bee's statement is quite relevant to the current condition of the game.
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  5. Exactly jkjkjk.

    You would look on a Eurasian map for Mongolia, China, and Russia.

    I'll remove China anyway if you really want, and Mongolia.
  6. And the rules?

    Canada joins the game

    Canada builds nuclear arsenal

    Canada nuked everyone

    Canada wins the game!

    A proper forum game needs rules or stuff like that can happen.
  7. Okay then, I'll make some rules up.
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  8. Its up to you, but I would have this thread closed by staff, and when rules are made, then open a new one. :)
  9. Why do you prefer a new thread above editing the op?
  10. Hmm... my country...

    I pick... oh wait, all of them are already chosen.
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  11. I complained because I noticed that bit at the end that said "Don't Complain" when there was a complain able reason (is that a word?)
    also, apparently china's population doubled since '45 http://www.populstat.info/Asia/chinac.htm
    I'm simply listing facts here, not trying to start a flame war :/
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  12. Thanks for information.
  13. Antarctica's available last time I checked:p

    I could have just said Soviet Union + a few others and I probably wouldn't have some of this.
  14. There. Got rid of most of Scandinavia.

    Plus Greece, Mongolia, China, a few others.

    Any complaints now?
  15. Dunno... Maybe because there is already strife from other players, and it would be better to have a clean thread with no strife in the beginning... Just my opinion. Kitten, you don't have to change it, it was only a suggestion.
  16. Personally I think it works well as people know I have corrected my mistakes and they won't hesitate to point out more.
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  17. NATION APPLICATION BY Luckygreenbird
    Name: Antarctica
    Consists of: Antarctica
    We propose infinite neutrality for the time being and won't do anything of significance until the next recharter.
    Number of posts until our lack of action needs to be rechartered: 100
    Population: 2 of every bird species in the world and myself. (~19,013 residents) We may bring in a few ships with people on them, however unlikely.
    Gov't Type: Monarchy
    Military forces: None
    Current Issues: Seeds are in short supply. Will take 15 posts to come up with a stable source and method to farm on the tundra.
    Trade unlikely.
  18. Canada wins, yes :D
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  19. I'll be making a game inspired by this one. :)
  20. I only made this game as a copy because New Nations had been inactive for so long.

    Instead of making your own game because the person doesn't have a game you like, maybe suggest suggestions.

    If they deny, then make your own game.
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