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  1. I've been playing 72Volt's The New Era 2.0, and was a part of The New Era 1.0, and have been inspired by him to make this game.

    You have to specialise in two different things to give benefit to the world.
    You have to conquer as much of the world as you can.
    You have to make your own laws.

    So, the rules?
    Your people can live on inside of a country and try to take their country back if you still want to play. However to get a good-sized guerrilla army you have to wait 2 pages.
    The winner of a war is decided on by me. Whoever is winning the war will be picked.

    Country Name: United Kingdom
    Population (can't exceed 50 million): 45 million.
    Army size (can't exceed 20 thousand): 20 thousand.
    Your benefits to the world: Farms (produce lots of food for training), friendly (can assist any country they want in a war)
    Colour: Red
  2. So the UK is taken :(.

    Population: 7,000,000
    Army Size: (Everyone is trained trust me in real life every person fit enough in Switzerland has to do military training).
    Active Army: 200,000
    Benefits to the world: Good Economy
    Colour: White

    P.S. This is based on real life.
  3. Because I live in it :p
    You're in... But isn't your AS above 20 thousand?
  4. App:
    Country: Russia
    Population: 49 million
    Army size: 17 thousand
    Benefits to the world: Space travel
    Color: Red and gold
  5. Its active army is 200,000 but as I said all fit persons have to do military service and they are given a gun that they have to keep in case of war so the active army is 200,000 but any 19-25 person can be deployed (with exceptions e.g. disease) anyway i don't want to go into anymore detail because we are a family friendly server :p.
  6. I'll just give you gold, because UK is red.