Forum game: "My Ravine"!

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  1. *this is a spinoff of the forum game my hill.

    This forum game is called ''My Ravine'' the purpose is to get the ravine! let me start
    I walk into the ravine. MY RAVINE!


    No one is invincible
    No one has nuclear power
    No one can ''Explode everyone except him''
    The game is ENDLESS!
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  2. My ravine.
  3. I turn you into Scout, and make a rainbow. You cry, My ravine.
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  4. I get heavy gun MAH HILL
  5. i get my backburner and burn theepic5 MY HILL!
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  6. I, the Spy, visit you, the Scout, mother. MY RAVINE.
  7. *hides inside of an obsidian bunker*
    *blows up everyone else with TNT*
    My ravine!
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  8. I airblast twitch1 out of the ravine MY RAVINE!
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  9. I already killed him. So still My ravine! :)
  10. Calls the almighty Penguin Army. MY RAVINE!
  11. Take that, twitch my penguins dissapear
  12. My legitness kills everything. MY RAVINE!
  13. you cant kill everyone and not yourself :/
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  14. My slimeness kills everything :3
  15. I punish all of your souls.
    My ravine.
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  16. i dont have a soul MY RAVINE!
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  17. I send my Loltractor (World of Tanks reference) after you. MY RAVINE!
  18. i send track jackers after you MY RAVINE!
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  19. You're ginger?
    My ravine.
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  20. New members that don't understand forum games here.
    My ravine again.