[FORUM GAME] Earth: The Ruling Factor

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  1. Earth: The Ruling Factor

    Welcome to Earth, this is a forum game in which case you take
    control of a country in the world and play it as a simulation of political life!
    This game takes place in the modern era, meaning it starts on the date this thread was created.

    1. NO GODMODE (Other than me, and that's only when its needed.)

    2. FOR THE TIME BEING, NO ATOMIC WEAPONS (The reason is that I need to figure out a way to make this work, without completely wrecking the game.)






    Nation Sheet:

    Nation Name:
    Population (Make this realistic):
    Army Size (Also, realistic):
    Unique Technologies (Please include a brief description of each technology) (3 Max):

    My Nation Sheet:
    United Kingdom
    Population: 67.23 Million
    Army Size: 1.2 Million
    Unique Tech: Project Trident - A software system that has mapped out and provide real time 3 - D images of most of the world's oceans.
    M1 Abrams Tank - This one is pretty easy. No explanation needed.
    DotA 2 - The MOBA that has turned into an international E - Sport. All DotA goes through the United Kingdom.

    Another unique part of this thread is that all of this can be recorded and be looked at on the
    data sheets.

    (I will do my best to keep both of these updated as much as possible)

    A good majority of this thread I am crediting to Mrlegitislegit for original idea and rules :)
  2. Nation Name: Russian Federation

    Population (Make this realistic): 160,000,000

    Army Size (Also, realistic): 1 million active, 2 million reserve

    Unique Technologies (Please include a brief description of each technology) (3 Max):

    Driverless vehicles: Vehicles which require no human control required, and can automatically drive passengers or a cargo from one location to another.
    3D printers: Machines which can manufacture practically any object from a virtual model.
    Thorium reactors: Nuclear reactors which run on thorium, an abundant substance which produces relatively easy to manage and less harmful waste. Scrapped, uses weapons grade plutonium.
    Hydrogen fuel cells: Uses the chemical energy of hydrogen to generate electricity. The only legal form of power in portable devices and vehicles, and the major power source on the grid, supplying 75% of power. Wind makes up the remaining 25% alongside scattered geothermal and hydroelectric sources.
  3. thorium reactors require weapons grade plutonium isotopes to reach catalyst. one of the rules was no atomic weapons.
  4. Ah, thank you for letting me know. Will change.
  5. Nation Name: The Republic of Korea (South Korea)
    Population: 50,000,000
    Army Size : 25,000,000 (All Korean Males are normally required to go to the military for minimum 3 years when they turn 20ish.)
    Unique Technologies/Features:
    Extremely Intellegient People, allowing for devices and other things to be built quite fast.
    Welfare of all families, allowing for crime to be extremely low, and almost no homeless! :D
    Small country, allowing for very low famine rates! And water is spread quite well between the people.

  6. ((Yayyyy! People! I shall update the Data Sheet... Soon...))
    The UK begins to produce large amounts of M1 Abrams Tanks.
  7. In accordance with the demands of the international community, Russia has ended its thorium reactor program. It has been replaced with a widespread hydrogen cell generation scheme.

    What's the time progression like, btw? Shall we say 1 page = 3 months?
  8. ((I believe that should be fair, also the Sheets have been updated!))
    The UK asks for an alliance with the Russian Federation.
  9. The Russian Federation establishes the Union of Earth, a community of nations cooperating to maximize their collective economic development. To this end, we invite the following nations to participate.
    • The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    • The Republic of Korea
    Membership in the Union of Earth will be effective as an alliance between all members of the Union.
  10. The United Kingdom is wary of the Union and asks for more information.
  11. You put The Republic of Korea in the wrong place... ;(

    TRoK (calling it that now, still stands for The Republic of Korea) begins development of Automobile Stoppers. All automobiles will be manufactured with brakes that activate when a cop designates that car with a cool laser thingy.
  12. Crap, there's an issue of me bumping my mousepad at inoppurtune moments. Shall fix!
  13. It'll start as an alliance between nations, then we will move towards free trade agreements and collective military action. All for the benefit of Union members, of course, with Russia's technology, Korea's military might, and the United Kingdom's cunning, who shall separate us?
  14. The UK accepts, with the condition that it is exempt from any hostile collective military action.
  15. Bump for those NA out of school/work!

  16. Nation Name: Pakistan Free Federation


    Army Size: 1,400,000
    Unique Technologies:
    Deployed Cyber Encryption Systems - state of the art government issued government cyber security ensures the privacy of its citizens.
    fully outfitted and manned Rotational Littoral Combat Ships guarding the seaports - a fast moving shallow water naval ship capable of sinking ships from 21 miles away.
    Government Sponsored P2P filesharing program - committed to free information a sort of piratebay is hosted on a massive server for the benefit and education of its citizens.

  17. Nation Name: United States & Territories (Puerto Rico, etc.)

    Population (Make this realistic): 319, 000, 000

    Army Size (Also, realistic): 3, 000, 000

    Unique Technologies (Please include a brief description of each technology) (3 Max):
    Future Technology in Secret Labs (shhh secret),
    Big Bertha (giant super nuke),
    ****????!!!!????**** (unknown to anyone below clearance level 25)
  18. If you'd lower the range of the Combat Ships you are good! (The reason for this is that on a clear ocean you can only see ~11 miles. And as shallow water ships that long of range is a bit excessive in my opinion :)
    Please rewrite all of your unique technologies, as all are currently invalid.
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  19. (those are real ships)
    (also almost no ship (outside of the ones in the movie battleship) use LOS to hit targets anymore pretty much every naval battle takes place out of a 10 mile range)