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  1. The year is 2013. The location is the Falkland Islands. A vanguard group of individuals declare their independence from the UK and continue to reject Argentine sovereignty. As the players, you will now play the role as the islands' government and steer it to greatness. Will you become a military superpower and declare war on the nations? Or will you resolve the dispute between Argentina and Great Britain once and for all? Or will you take another path? The choice is yours as the government!

    1. No god weapons.
    2. You'll not always get what you want.
    3. No god mode.
    4. You are in a government. The game is about negotiating with others to try to achieve the best outcome. You are playing against me. I control the events which happen, natural, political, foreign or otherwise. If it is voted against by the government, you can't do it.
    5. If you misbehave, I will remove you.
    6. I may add more rules to this game if appropriate.
    7. The game is set in the present day.

    Application form:

    Name (either your own or a character you've created):
    Information about character (optional):
    Position in government:
    Political leanings and objectives:

    Let the game begin.
  2. Name (either your own or a character you've created): nfell2009
    Information about character (optional): Im awesome
    Position in government: The King!
    Political leanings and objectives: I know the best of the things and plan ahead?
  3. Name: God
    Info: I am God
    PIG: God(not in god mode, is in normal mode)
    PLaO: Being God and stopping killing
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  4. Name (either your own or a character you've created): Jamie
    Information about character (optional): I like dogs. And hamsters. And Axolotls.
    Position in government: Leader of the democrat party
    Political leanings and objectives: To give the Falkland islands the independence it deserves and attract tourists to the islands, generating a large influx of money for the country and give it a high employment rate. (Wow...After researching some stuff on economics and reading volt's stuff I think i've picked up on some things...)

    Also to allow Axolotls to live in the lakes of the Falkland Islands.
  5. Accepted. Your decision to assert yourself as King is controversial in the international community, as it was expected a more democratic republic would be formed.

    Accepted. The Pope sees your assertion that you are God and refutes this. Many leaders begin to resent the Falklands for allowing what some perceive to be blasphemy.

    Accepted. Your objectives are well received by the international community, balancing the previous two situations out.

    Following the declaration of independence, David Cameron, the Prime Minister, refuses to recognize this. However, rather than immediately declaring war, he wishes to examine the situation. His main concerns are whether this is what the islanders want or not. He is worried that the group are a minority among the rest of the community. He sends a letter. How does the head of state, the King, respond? What does the government advise?
  6. The Pope will die in ten minutes for going against gods word.
  7. Please clarify. Are you going to assassinate him? If so, you'll need the consent of the rest of government.
    If you're going to smite him, that's godmodding.
  8. Name (either your own or a character you've created): Michael
    Information about character (optional): Has a kind heart until it comes to threats to his country.
    Position in government: Secretary of Defence
    Political leanings and objectives: Republican tendencies.
  9. Accepted. By republican, do you mean the Falklands should be a republic instead of a kingdom, or do you mean your beliefs are similar to those of the American Republican Party?
  10. Jesus is going to kill him
  11. My beliefs are that of the American Republican Party. I think having a "god" character in our government is stupid though....
  12. Jesus kills Pope and new pope named Pope Believes that God is the actual God(which he is but has lost power)
  13. its briliant
  14. It kinda ruins this whole little game.....
  15. Haha, closest to being without being god. xP
  16. Okay, change your character or I'm kicking you from the game.
  17. i don't believe i have broken any rules though
  18. Name (either your own or a character you've created): Steve
    Position in government: Judge (or something just chose it for me)
    Political leanings and objectives: resolve the dispute between Argentina and Great Britain
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  19. Name (either your own or a character you've created):Collect
    Information about character (optional):Smart.Clever.Witty.Strong.
    Position in government:Secretary of Military Research
    Political leanings and objectives:To stop the dispute peacefully.If not possible,we go all out in war!
  20. You sent Jesus to kill the Pope. Or rather, you said you did, and I didn't recognize it to have happened because it's blatant godmodding.

    Accepted. Your presence makes both countries notice that the islanders themselves are against the dispute.

    Accepted. Some politicians abroad are sceptical of your approach.