For those who call me sir and dude :)

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  1. I call a lot of girls "dude" :p imo that is a unisex term. I'm not so sure I can say the same about Sir though, Lol.
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  2. Sorry to bother you, sir, but who is she?

    im just kiddin, pl0x dont smite me
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  3. Can I call you Sir Dude? It's like royalty :cool:
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  4. Sir Dude actually sounds good LOL
  5. I believe that was one of my video game names... although I lost interest in that game a LOOONG time ago.
  6. You sort of look like my mother when she was younger! :)
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  7. This is the best thing I've read all day. That grey text though... :p
  8. yeah i call everyone dude
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  9. dude not cool dude =p
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  10. Although I call most irl or on mumble 'dude', Ill always refer to ya as Ahk! ;)
    Hard to mistake, when players see your skin, or hear you on the mumble!!!
    (don't take it to heart, I have been mistaken before for female, even after players see my skin)
    Now... just to get the new players to see this post... hehehe...

    Now go forth and post more on the show yourself 2015!!!!
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  11. Don't pronouce it dude. Pronounce it d00d. (those 'o's are zeroes)
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  12. Sorry 'bout the gray font, and my peeps can call me dude and sir anytime ya like! :)
  13. No problem..dude :)
  14. How about Sir Dude Babe-Bruh
  15. You remind me of Stevie Nicks
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  16. I have heard that before but thought maybe they were joking around.
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  17. Kind of hard not to figure out that you are a lovely young lady if they just click on your avatar, but it is nice to meet you Sir Dude. ;)
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  18. It may be because in your profile picture, the sir is more towards the middle.