for those of you who cant properly pronounce aphaea

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  1. its pronounced fa-he-ta
    or fajita in the ancient dialect
  2. oh, so I've been saying it wrong all this time? oh well.
  3. Dang, this is how I've been pronouncing it:

    Thanks for the help I guess!
  4. fajita? o3o
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  5. A mexican taco??? :eek:
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  6. I use to say "Aph-ea"
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  7. might as well:

    "I'm" is pronounced "im" like in the word "impossible" without the apostrophe.
    "Don't" is pronounced like "dawnt" without the apostrophe.

    Also, I have never heard anybody mispronounce fajita.
  8. Me: Fa-faaa-fa-jee-eee-ta
  9. And now we wait to see how long it takes Aphaea to see this :p
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  10. No, we gotta just all start calling her "fajita", with no explanation, and hope she never sees this thread!
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  11. I'm in
  12. No no no! Its Aphaea!
  13. This funny it makes me like laugh good one lol it reminds me think how people think New Mexico is mexico, well yes it was along time ago lol but it's the 47th state of the USA and I live somewhere in that state lol.
  14. Ahp-hai-eee-ah
  15. Uh, okay. I don't really get why it's pronounced that way but I'll try to remember :)
  16. Seriously? Please don't call me fajita. I REALLY REALLY do NOT appreciate it. :)
    I don't find it funny.