Flower Forest Location

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  1. I have spent hours upon hours looking for a flower forest.

    I'm hoping someone could give me general directions to one. It would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Biome
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  3. They are supposed to be found in typical forests, but there's tons and tons of marvelous beautiful flowers!

    Um, my kids want some. Yeah. My kids.
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  4. The first time I went out in the smp7 Waste after the update I decided to start at the Northwest Outpost and go East towards a Mesa biome there. On the way I recall going through what I thought was a Flower Forest biome. It is located around 2960,-2930.

    I was looking at Live Map and I can see things that maybe are Flowers there. Wiki says that the only place you can find Alliums is there. I checked my Flowers and I don't have any Alliums although I do have other Flowers that can be found in that and other Biomes which doesn't really prove anything one way or the other. I don't see anything way of knowing for sure without going there again and using the Debug console.

    If you can find someone who has or is selling Alliums, they might be able to help you. I checked Auctions here on the forums but didn't see any. I also was looking to see if I could Google up some examples of what the different Biomes looked like on Live Map without finding anything interesting. Good luck.
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  5. I found this one on SMP 2 while looking for a good outpost location, it's a far way away but you can see the exact coordinates here. It's a fairly small flower forest though, anyway hope this helps.
  6. just found one on SMP7...but i want to settle there so not sure im interested in sharing. it is HUGE but I have seen some that are more beautiful. maybe after I remove some trees...
  7. Chances are that lickthesofa has already found a flower forest biome, since this thread was posted almost a year ago. :p He is still somewhat active in-game though, but not on the forums, however.
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  8. If you are in the Waste, don't bother to get too settled, since they are reset periodically. Go to the Frontier/Wild for that. The Biome I referred to was sent to wherever deleted worlds go a long time ago.
  9. Or you can change the biome on your residence. I did @2113 to a flower forest to set up a free public flower farm.
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