FISHING Res locations

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  1. Ok folks this is my first thread I started, I have set a res tag for one of my res on SMP3. I offer free fishing (With Purchase of a fishing pole,OR bring your own!) I also will buy the fish you catch!! Boating allowed for now unless it becomes a problem for other guest. As is only 2 res carry the fish tag on SMP3 mine and Stagger77 stop by and pay us a visit and fish for a while you may get a nice enchanted book, or other great loot!!!
  2. Oh I didn't know you and stagger did fishing too....I don't have any tags set up cause...well I'm kinda dumb about those things still but thats super cool to know there's more fishing spots on smp3 I'll have to see if I cant drop by and get my fish on XD

    Hopefully yours isnt in an ice biome like mine T_T
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