Firework Service! :D

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  1. I should probably get the "Can't Keep A Service On EMC For A Long Time" award...

    Recent I've Decided To Make a Firework Service! :D

    How It's Going To Work Is I Have A Selection Of Fireworks To Choose From. They List The Price Along With A Video To Show What It Looks Like. You Can Either PM Me An Order Or Type One On This Forum. Hope You Like This New Service! :D Just So You Can Tell The Difference Between Rockets, They're Renamed :)

    The USA Rocket: 250 Rupees

    The Mooshroom Rocket: 260 Rupees

    The Creeper Rocket: 810 Rupees

    (Note: If You Donate 7 Heads Of Any Player/Mob, The Price Will Become: 110r

    More Coming Soon! :D PM Firework Suggestions Along With A Sample Video!