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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Green_Mystery, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. I wasn't going to make a farewell post. But it would be unfair towards my friends out of the loop to simply up and leave, so here is my official farewell post.

    From the top, I began moderating on EMC on December 3, 2011. Back then the server was small, and the very idea of moderators on EMC was a fairly new idea. I was honored and gladly accepted the position after Jeremy contacted me about it two weeks after I sent an application in.

    Since then it's been a fairly high ride moderating the community. I enjoyed joking around on the forums and making others laugh on the servers. But I also spent countless hours looking for rule breakers and sniffing out wrong-doers.

    And I'll be honest, I was very eager to be promoted early on, and sought to earn this position by sacrificing every minute of my time that I could. I worked hard, lost countless hours of sleep and tried my very best to prove myself. Only now I realize my efforts were all in vain.

    I once thought good things come to those that wait. And believe me, I waited almost a year without ever voicing my aspiration. But now we come to this point in time. At this point, I dealt with my first major breakup and began suffering from serious depression.

    While depressed I began to lose interest in Minecraft. I still tried to be on EMC often, but as I'm sure some of you noticed my presence has begun to recede more and more. For that I apologize. As my depression worsened, I started to dump all of my problems on my good friend Maxarias, whom I thank for being there to listen to my constant rants.

    Fast-forward to today. I learned that Aikar and Maxarias attained Sr. Mod status. And if you ask Max, I flipped my lid and spewed fire, but not towards her. And I don't mean to put anyone on the spot, but I was mad at Icecreamcow for the way I saw his choice.

    Think of it this way, three different employees with different jobs work under one boss. One improves the boss' computer and the other earns the boss money and customers. But they also only began working for the boss. Now the third employee is an old employee who stuck with the boss for ages. He only spent time sniffing out little bugs in and around the boss' server. Because of how insignificant this job is though, he is relatively ignored by the boss despite all the overtime he ever did and how long he stuck by him.

    The other two employees however are thanked and given high regard by the boss for how much they've improved his computer's usability and profits. He decides to promote someone, but he completely ignores the employee who was there longer and spent way more time looking for small problems in favor for the two employees who only started to improve the boss' job.

    Now, I know both Aikar and Maxarias both done tremendous work finding bugs too, but as soon as they began creating advertisements and coding, suddenly they're promoted? That was the straw that broke the camel's back for me, because all I ever really did was spend late nights weeding out the bugs thinking it would mean something. I also tried my best to make it clear I wanted to build more for the community. But I was still relatively forgotten.

    I'm going to explain now why I've been demoted. While I was Skyping Max's ear off about my dissatisfaction over the decision, I was also growing in rage, like a force no one had ever seen before. I ended up mocking and angrily whipping my head at the very thought of Icecreamcow towards Max, and ended up asking her to ask him where my promotion was, knowing full well though he'd claim I was power-hungry. It was a mistake, but I snapped, to put it simply. Of course, I believe she or Aikar also told him about how angry I was, and have been declared an angry person by Icecreamcow. For obvious reasons he demoted me, in order to protect others from my wrath, just in case. I actually didn't force my wrath on the community, but I suppose it was a preemptive measure.

    So there's my story. No more bitterness, no more disappointment. I'm just going to be happy, and may forget about this place for a while. I will check in, but for nothing major or in particular. Because you see, I don't need to prove myself anymore. I'm just a diamond supporter.

    Goodbye, and I love all of you. (No hard feelings Icecreamcow)
  2. Wow. I feel sorry for you. I know what it feels like when that kind of thing happens. I hope you are ok.
  3. I'm sorry that you have to leave. You were probably one of my favorite mods on here!
    And I'm sorry that you had to go through the heartbreak, believe me, I know what it's like it really hurts. But I know you'll get through it.
    We will all miss you Green_Mystery also, the EMC comunity will understand and will be there for you.

    I wish you the best of luck and remeber, it's a long road for everyone and even though there may be storms on that road, there will be alot more rays of sunlight on that road aswell, never give up.
  4. Goodbye green we had our fallouts but you did you job im going to miss you!
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  5. Gonna miss your green name around here, Green =[
    Good luck with everything, I hope it all gets better for you.
    And we will all still be here for you if you need people to talk to.
    This is not goodbye, because they are forever. Lets just say ... see you later on =]
  6. Well, you didn't do anything directly towards me; but I forgive you :)

    I understand where you are coming from ... enter in a dreamlike story mode...

    IRL, I honestly do my best to be kind, respectful, and friendly towards everyone. And I mean literally. I expected nothing from those people who I was nice towards, but you know a little positive feedback never hurts either. But I do my best to get along with everyone. In High School, I was in every social group; everyone knew me and I knew everyone. [To put it in perspective I graduated in a Class of 200 people] Heck, I was even the Student Body President. But there was always people around me who got much more attention from the entire community. I hold no grudges against anyone for this but carried on with what I had been doing. The only reason I never burst out at those people and throw a fit (no offense) was because I knew that I was in the right and it was not really any of my concern what they did with their life.
    I may not have received the attention that I probably 'deserved', but the community outside of the High School wasn't where I was needed. I was needed in MY School, doing what I do best. That is making friends and growing relationships. I will always have unbreaking bonds from those people I did get to know in High School. I didn't have a best friend, I had a whole group of Best Friends.

    So, although there may be current Moderators that do deserve a promotion - that isn't where they are needed. Aikar and Maxarias are Senior Staff - not because they deserve it; but because that is what the EMC community needs right now. I think you understand that now; but I just want you to know that there will always be some of us waiting here if you need something - whether minecraft related or not. I won't forget, and I Know others won't forget you. We are about the same age, so I really know what you are going through ;)

    Good Luck in all of your future endeavors.

    Edit: I don't necessarily mean that Aikar and Maxarias don't deserve it - just tying it back in...
    Interpret it as you wish - don't quote me out of context because I don't want to redefine what I just said
  7. Aw Green. I can understand why you felt so wronged. You were a great mod and are well liked. When I first became a mod I used your rulings as guidelines for my rulings. If I was a betting man I would have put my money on you being promoted. Justin and Jeremy will have their reasons for their choices, they may appear selfish but I believe they were made with one overriding consideration, what is best for EMC.

    I will miss you and wish things improve for you.
    Take care.
  8. Cya Green, I will miss you.

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  9. Bye green I am really sad to see so mant moderators leave!
  10. I'm so sorry to see this happen, I wish it didn't have to be but I guess in life we all make some bad choices sometimes... I'll miss seeing your green name both in-game and on the forums but I will never forget you! You were an amazing mod one of the best I've ever seen operate!
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  11. Wow, it's a shame to not see you with a green name, I will always remember you as a great mod like all of the staff.

    I'm really quite upset for you, but for your part and not for EMC and the IcecreamIssues in this. I would definitely be quite "peed" off in exchange for a bit of a harsher word if I was in your shoes - putting your best in to be promoted and not getting anything back. I also know that most (if not all) of the members that see this will understand your actions, probably prompted by your depression and I would always welcome you back to your position as mod - if not Senior Staff. Aikar's promotion is definitely well deserved, and it's not my place to comment about any others - however what I can say is that you, NursekillJoy and a couple of other mods would be great, helpful Senior Staff members in my eyes. :)

    Now the depression; I don't know you all that well, I just know you on EMC a tad bit. So I won't comment about it once again, however, always feel welcome to ask this great community for advice! Don't let this get you down and like you said in your post, you're going to be happy and it's well deserved for you. Believe me, things get better!

    I remember our little trolling session on all the servers too, good times. ;)

    So goodbye for now and the best of luck to you my friend! :)
  12. Sorry to see you go Green. I can understand your feelings. I'll be honest, when I first started reading I was thinking to myself "Wow, selfish" but as I read on I got a better understanding of what was going on. You were hurt, jealous, depressed and all that seemed to release itself at once and you did like most people and let it get the best of you and mind overloaded mouth. As others have said, the reasons Max and Aikar were promoted were more than likely for a good reason.
  13. I feel really sad about your situation, I REALLY do. I hope your okay and you'll get over it.
  14. Mhm... I don't think that has anything to do with the situation anyway :confused:
  15. Sorry my mind was wandering
  16. Hmmm...
    Depression is a monster of evil.
    You where the first mod I ever met ingame and WOW byfar one of my faves.
    It is a real shame to see you go.
    Anyways I wish you the best of luck in whatever you do next.

    Yours truly
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  17. Thank you for making me laugh. Goodbye. If I say anything else I will start crying....
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  18. Sorry that you also got hit with the pain of being overlooked and a strong bout of depression.
    I hope life will take an upturn now that you have time to focus on just your own life.

    I have taken some time to focus on my real life problems as well and quite frankly not having to stress over EMC has given me the opportunity to improve my own life. I still love EMC but it just isn't my #1 priority anymore which makes my wife much happier. ;)

    We still have Skype to talk with each other if you ever want.
  19. A man who did his job honourably and honestly! I admire those skills!
  20. Well, I think, if you are leaving, as a goodbye gift you should show us all your picture.
    Sad to see you go.
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