Fill in PRA with dirt

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  1. Hey there,
    I see many people complaining about the ugly PRA (Periodic Reset Areas) around the wild spawns. Some even want to reset the whole wild because those areas look like a nuke site and make it hard esp for new players to get mining.

    Here is an idea:
    Let's fill in the holes with dirt. And by "we" I mean us all. Many of us travel from town to wild on a regular basis. Dirt is pretty much infinite in town. Why not use some spare slots in the inventory and bring dirt to fill up holes or even build some bridges and stuff with it before going to mine.
    Dirt is less like to get griefed. If grass grows on it it can even be used to farm flowers etc and looks kinda nice.

    What do you think?
  2. I agree. I think it would be great if people did that, since i dont want a complete reset due to the PRA. And it would make it less dangerous when traveling. Like for you!:)
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  3. To clarify:
    I do not mean that admins / mods fill the whole place with dirt.
    More like fill in the nuke holes with dirt and / or make some dirt ways bridges etc.
  4. Some people have just made a single layer of dirt at the same level as the protected spawn area.
  5. Thanks. I am proposing it to the LLO community at the same time so we might start trying it on smp7 soon.
    (If they are want to do it). Maybe if we make an example other servers will get groups to do the same.

    Another additional idea might be to reward people for repairing it. Maybe some of the richer EMC members could "hire" people for it or something.
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  6. Not sure how to read that. That is good start right? And which server is that? We might use that as example.
  7. That is smp7. Can you go to spawn and I can show you.

    Edit: I have to get back to spawn too then.
  8. Wonderful idea! The one block thick dirt bridges are not even safe enough for me.
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  9. Its too bad, I had 18 double chests full of dirt that i incinerated just about an hour ago:(
  10. I can not get in game right now. Will check it out soon. I'd rather stay at the LLO on smp7 and try to work on that on another server. If I find the time I will try to start something on smp3 (my res server) tomorrow.
  11. Yeah. I think we can have nice dirt structures there. The griefing won't be that bad as dirt has no value. Sure noobs or trolls will make some damage but with enough people it won't be a problem. I think it is worth trying.
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  12. Oh. Hmm. Well but that just proves that the dirt supply should not be an issue. If you go so far as to burn that much of it.
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  13. I was making room in the chests because i started a birch farm under my res. On 10030 you can get 128 dirt for 2r, so most people shouldnt have an issue affording it!
  14. I was able to login on a friends computer. Runs laggy but I am trying something on smp3. Got donated some stacks of dirt.
    So far I think we should fix / improve bridges first.
    Filling in the holes would be boring and take too long. Making dirt ways above or below them seems more fun. At least to start with.
  15. 2012-07-11_06.30.05.png screenshot of smp3 wild test
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  16. So it it might be a small dirt wall protecting players from falling but leaving entrances to bridges.
    the cobble was already there. I added the dirt to the sides again to prevent people falling down.
    I think making it 1 block would be ideal so people can go down to mine without having to punch holes in it. Around very deep areas maybe 2 blocks might work too. We might have to fix the holes then when we see them.
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  17. Im pretty sure justin is working on the PRA to have the whole area reset.
  18. That would be ok too. But it won't take long until it will look bad again.
    I am not talking about making giant nice things. Just dirt stuff to prevent people from falling to death and make it look a bit nicer (bv maybe growing grass on it).
  19. I'll try to get some people on smp1(my home smp should look nice) and smp2 to do it. Along with smp7(LLO is happy to help).
  20. Sounds like a plan :)

    I think the more examples we can make the more likely it is this will become sort of a EMC tradition like thing.