Features of EMC - How they work.

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  1. I've been reviewing the way EMC's features work. I'm doing something like what JackBiggin did, but with information I know from my head and on other servers I have played on.
    So here's a rough list:
    • Our economy:
    Our economy is great. We are all resource owners, we are all consumers, and we are all producers. We can sell our items at any price we want. Compared to other servers this type of economy rules them all. I've seen some other servers where there are 2 types of currency, and you have to be a producer to earn one of those currencies.
    We own our land on which we sell. Meaning: We manage how much our prices are, we also own our shops.
    I've seen servers where you have to earn money by killing mobs, doing quests for other players, and then you have to buy a pre-made building to make your shop and you can't even teleport to them. You have to travel (possibly thousands of blocks) just to top up your stores.
    On EMC, you go to the wild (and then you have to go back to the protected spawn) or buy from somebody else, and type /home. Bam, top up your shop. Done.

    • Our Mods:
    Our mods are understaffed, as most of them are inactive. But they still use square, which is an efficient way of doing things. Other servers are way too overstaffed, we are not. Our mods have more skill, have more attention to things, and are way more mature than other mods on other servers. I have quit a moderator position on another server due to it being overstaffed, the staff were abusive, and they misused their responsibilities.

    • Our community:
    Our community, i'd say is a sort of communist democratic mix. Everybody is listened to, everybody is treated equally and we have the freedom of saying "I don't like this feature. Can you please do something, atleast, like i'm suggesting [INSERT SUGGESTION".
    This is the communist part.
    The democratic part is we do have a hierarchy that is used sometimes. You must listen to people of higher authority. Say you wanted to egg somebody's house (which you can no longer do unless you're in the wild), a mod said no. You said "I'll do it anyway". You would be kicked or banned.
    On other servers, mods go way over the top with their authority. Somebody insults a plugin the admins didn't even make; suddenly it's the end of the world and an innocent user is banned.
    So consider yourselves lucky :p
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  2. Not saying this is a bad idea. It's actually a really good way of doing things and getting people to help eachother. But it takes longer than collecting your daily rupee bonus.
  3. I like this