FDNY21's Real Alias

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Is FDNY21's Real Allias:

Fedny 5 vote(s) 17.9%
Fendy 23 vote(s) 82.1%
  1. It has bothered me for ages so I just want to know what the democracy thinks.
  2. On a totally unrelated topic who thinks Benthebobjr and Benthebob are the same person?

    FYI Ben set this up to try and beat me :p
  3. 2nd option. First one looks weird :p
  4. Fendy was the one that people first started calling me, so I'd have to vote for that :p Some people are strong believers that the D should be before the N though :rolleyes:
  5. Thank you, Ben loses :p
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  6. I only did that like .. 3-4 times :oops:
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  7. I refuse to recognize anyone by the name of Fedny. Fendy will be the one and only name for such a great hero of EMC.
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  8. It's "Fedny", guys; you all messed up in the poll. :/
  9. I am honoured! :D
    I thought we'd get one of the believers ;)

    Just a note from here on out: I'm happy with both and will respond to either, but Fendy was the first one that I was called, how ever many years ago!
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  10. Oh, so I suppose we should still call Native Americans "Indians", by that logic. :p
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  11. Slightly different, millions of American people versus a Minecraft name. :p

    I can go by either. :)
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  12. I believe the argument of me and netherspecter has arisen once again c: Sorry Sir.Fendy <3
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  13. It's the correct way! The D is before the N! We are the minority, the true EMC 1% the Fedny Followers.
  14. As long as it's FDNY21 instead of FNDY21 ;P
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  15. This is very true :rolleyes:
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  16. Fendy. I sometimes call him fendlesticks : )
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  17. XD
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