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  1. Who is you favorite follower? You tell me I would like to know
  2. I don't really have a favourite follower, I like them all equally :)
    (but definitely mba2012 ;))
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  3. Probably Aikar :p
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  4. Lucky you got aikar But I do have FNDY21 :)
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  5. That's twice in two minutes that I call you mean?
  6. Wut. I was being nice, I said you will my favourite follower...;)
  7. On Olaf_C, it was probably JackBiggin. He was my 100th follower, and an all around cool person.

    What bro said :p.
    \/ \/ \/ \/
  8. i love all my followers :)
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  9. Same :p
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  10. Code:
    if true do;
    follower.http://empireminecraft.com/members/choongjae.24013/ = likes potatoes
    print("Favorite follower(s)");
    print("Favorite follower(s) but doesn't like potatoes")
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  11. I like all my followers, but mostly because i have like 10-15, not sure, so i have very few
  12. porphyrian, Aikar, and ICC
  13. CC (commander custard) becuz he likes custard... And stuff... CUSTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. This happens to be me. I love Custard. Thank you for listening. :)
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  15. well! egg tarts are also like custard... In the.. Yellow... Part... Egg tart.... I'm gonna eat one now.... XD
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  16. Custard.... Have you ever tried Fish Fingers and Custard? Its surprisingly good, at least to me... Plus, i couldn't truly call myself a whovian until i tried it, ant it was good.......
  17. Pft, obviously my favorite followers are Bro_im_infinite, sonicol1, cddm95ace and PlayTehMinecraft, jeez they are the bomb diggity, others too, but that will be bragging :p
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