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  1. Welcome to the 1st ever Expo Building Contest! This contest will be held on SMP2! (Res-4049) By my observations this is has never been done before & the winner(s) will take home a whopping 20,000 rupees + an signed staff book by Dwight 5273!
    How it will work!
    Anyone who wishes to enter may! There are only 16 available team spots and it is first come first serve. However if contestants do not show up at the designated time, their spot will be replaced with someone on the waiting list. There are 16 separate, 6x6 plots on this residence. Contestants may work alone or with a partner. The competitors will be given the same random items to build with and will only have 10 minutes to complete their build. The judges will then post pictures of the top 3 finishers and where to get their prizes along with honorable mention. WE ARE LOOKING FOR THE MOST CREATIVE BUILD! NOTE: ITEMS ARE RANDOM AT BEGINNING!!!
    When is this contest?
    The contest will take place Tuesday June, 18-7pm EST & can signup when you feel free. Each person must pay a total of 2,000 rupees on the day of the contest. If you have a team you must pay 3,000 rupees.To reserve a spot please put it in this format below:
    (Name) & (Name)
    (Amount Paying)
    (Why you want to pay)

    1) Your build may not cross over into any other contestants or it is an automatic DQ!
    2) You must place all valuables in a chest before entering your area.
    3) You are only allowed to use items given to you prior to the contest.
    4) Competitors must show up 5-10 minutes early or your spot will be taken.
    5) Any seen grie 2013-06-13_23.40.06.png 2013-06-14_01.31.25.png 2013-06-14_01.31.30.png 2013-06-14_01.33.06.png 2013-06-14_01.33.25.png 2013-06-14_01.33.51.png fing of the residence or abuse of build privileges will be reported and you will be banned.
    6) Your build can be anything you want and you are allowed to change the blocks form.
    7) You will only have 10 minutes to complete your build & no "AFK" accuses will be accepted.
    8) All members including staff can enter and same rules apply!

    1st Place- 20,000 rupees + signed Dwight book!
    2nd Place- 5,000 rupees + Stack of Iron ingot
    3rd Place- Money back! 2013-06-13_23.40.06.png 2013-06-14_01.31.25.png 2013-06-14_01.33.51.png 2013-06-14_01.33.25.png 2013-06-14_01.33.06.png 2013-06-14_01.31.30.png

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