[EVENT] Welcome Package (NEW MEMBERS ONLY)

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by CoryLovesYou, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. Joined the Empire within the last two weeks? I have prepared a welcome package for all new members!

    Package includes:
    -32 Iron Ingots
    -64 Coal
    -8 Diamonds
    -Welcome Cake
    -1,000 Rupees

    Message me to claim your package.

    Join date must be 6/22/2015 or after.
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  2. This is so kind of you to do!
    However I don't think new players are required to sign up to the website anymore, so I'm not sure how much interest you will get
    But I'm sure this will help anyone who claims it c:
  3. Pick me :p
  4. It still has the /forumpass on the login so I'm not sure either, I'll just have to send this link to new players in-game :)
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  5. i joined a week ago (if you're still doing this)
  6. When I signed up an alt last week there was still the advertisement for signing up to the forums. I don't think it was mandatory though.

    Nicely done on this though. Was thinking of something similar. If you need some mats let me know.
  7. I'll get your package to you soon.
  8. thanks man