[Event] Walrus' Defend the Castle

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  1. 7/31/16 at 7:30pm on smp8
    Time may change, though

    Tonight, we head out to the wastelands to
    reclaim and rebuild a derelict castle.
    However, this task will not be easy.
    The monsters that inhabit this land are strong
    all at a difficulty of 9 or above..

    What are we doing?: We are heading out to an old, ruined castle in the wastelands, to repair and build it up. But, the task will not be easy, as the monsters of this land will be on the attack

    What do I need?: Bring food, tools, weapons, and armor, for fighting off the monsters. You will also need to bring building materials, This castle wont rebuild itself you know!
    It would also be good to bring a chest and signs, so that you may lock chests to prevent anything from happening to your items

    Light Sources: Please, try and refrain from using permanent light sources, such as torches, in a way that prevents hostile mobs spawns. This event is about, well. death, and without monsters, there is no death. So, try not to place torches outside of the castle area.

    Please note that all EMC Rules apply to this event.

    The Castle we shall rebuild

  2. Most likely 8 but undecided at the moment
  3. Sounds awesome! Sadly, I cannot make it.
  4. I love this event. It could be my favorite. But, doesn't there have to be a staff person involved to spawn the mobs. Last time too it was mostly all marlix. I envision a larger variety. Maybe even like an army of zombies or something like that. Just an idea.
  5. No physical spawning is needed for this event (besides a certain 3 headed flying one ;))
    this event relies purely on good ol' Game Mechanics. Any minibosses that spawn are purely by chance
  6. totally didn't forget that Miner Mania is on Fridays (or is it Thurday this week?) So I changed the time to Saturday (For now, will be on Friday if its Thursday this week :p)
  7. I'm in and I shall bring my archer skills too :p
  8. Hopefully I can make it!
  9. *will be there*
  10. Bump! Only 6 more hours
  11. bump! 3 more hours!
  12. Looks awesome! I shall be there if I am not offline as BQ2003! even if I am unable to come thanks for hosting it!!
  13. Hmm, I might come if I'm home in time :)
  14. Event Starting Now!

    edit: Changed start time to 7:30, cause there is another event going on atm and I'll wait for that to wrap up before I start