[Event] Sudden Death (to the Dragon!)

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Want to slay some dragons?

Absolutely 4 vote(s) 80.0%
I want all of the Dragon Heads 1 vote(s) 20.0%
The End is not for me... 1 vote(s) 20.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Join me as I go to the SMP8 Dragon Slaying Arena in the Wild End! We'll be slaying dragons Diff 7+, other bosses and fun shenanigans =D

    Hosted By: Tuqueque
    Starts at 2PM EMC Time, Saturday, September 17th
    Located at /wild c on SMP8.

    Who: Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us in the stabbing of dragons!
    What: Bring your best tools, but nothing you aren't afraid of losing. The Dragon may decide to simply fling you off the island, or you may get trapped inside an obsidian pillar when it so lovingly regenerates. Be prepared, tools will not be provided! Bring glass/glass bottles to get dragon's breath! Also, bring end crystals if you want - I am only bringing a stack, and while that means 16 dragons, you'll need to bring some of your own if you want to fight more! :p
    Don't bring anything you aren't afraid to lose. You are MOST LIKELY going to die at some point.
    When: 2PM EMC time (afternoon) Saturday, September 17th

    Where: /wild c on SMP8. I'll lead you to the End Portal from there if you don't already know the way.

    Why: For fun! We're gonna stab dragons! Lots and lots of dragons!!

    Note: I am NOT going to be dictating who gets what dragon head, nether star, etc. Whoever gets it, gets it. You may offer to buy it from whoever picked it up, or otherwise try to negotiate with them, but please try to keep it private and don't fight. We're here to have fun!

    I'll probably be in the EMC discord VC for this :) :p

    This event used to be hosted by my fellow PWU Senior Member, Slvr. After I came back to EMC, I decided to restore's PWU Dragon Arena :)
    This is the thread to the original event:)

  2. Hello People, ever since I got back, I've been working to re-host Slvr's original Dragon Slaying Event hosted at the PWU End Arena.

    It happened to be griefed in 2021, and these past weeks me and other friends have helped me to reconstruct it to its former glory with a new design! There are some minor details to finish, but that will be done tonight.

    Survey: https://forms.gle/FahpQW6NWgL7nDWh8

    This is the thread to the original event :)

    It will be edited once we have a schedule. :)


    &d&lSudden Death&5 (to the &d&lDragon&5!) is about to start at &62PM&5!
    &9Join us in the Re-Opening of the &5End Arena&9 on &5SMP8 /Wild C&9
    Purple/Magenta for banner color
  3. won't be able to be around this weekend, but I voted for Sat 2pm, as the others are in the middle of the night for me.
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  4. From the responses I have received, I think will be be best to host this event Sat 2pm, but I will continue to leave the survey up to get more replies.

    Tentative Event day is Saturday 17 at 2pm EMC time (I'm busy this weekend)
  5. In 1 week we’ll be reopening the end arena! at 2pm! Save the date!

    I’ll be hosting this event in the frequently if it seems popular :)
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  6. Bump :)

    I’ll be planning to bring enough materials for 32 dragons, and withers in case we want to fight some. If I have time I’ll prepare some extra gear in case people need some :)

    See you Saturday!
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  7. What difficulty are we planning to be at?

    [I'll probably skip the withers :oops:]
  8. Probably we’ll start at diff 7, and go from there depending on how big the group is and what we are feeling :) We’ll change up or down depending on our performance. ;)
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  9. And thats it! Thanks for coming people! It was great fun :)

    Fred_TWK, GrumpyRedPanda7, LunarEndergirl and I slew some dragons! 10 less dragon kin realm in the end. The Mission goes on to free the end from the dragons! I'll see to re-hosting this event sometime in the future!

    Rehosting schedule: Possibly a couple of times a month in different timezones (once a month per timezone). Let me know your thoughts bellow!

    Here are some pictures :)

  10. I am so sorry to have missed this. I am game to try it (once at least) the next time it comes around!