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  1. I'm excited to be hosting a new event...the Staff Who-Said-It? competition!

    How it works:
    There will be 25 questions. Each of them is a quote taken from an EMC staff member. Your goal is to guess which staff member said the quote.

    The first person to type into chat the correct staff member will receive 1,000 rupees from me.

    If a staff member had a different name when they said the quote, I will also accept their previous name.
    krysyyjane9191 OR Krysyy

    At the end of the game, the 3 players that got the most questions correct will win additional prizes:

    1st: 10,000 rupees 60,000 rupees + Sharpshooter (100k Forum item)
    2nd: 5,000 rupees 40,000 rupees + Avalauncher (no date)
    3rd: 1,000 rupees 20,000 rupees + Vault and Stable vouchers (1 of each)

    Example question:
    If I said...

    "Should I kill uber... Should I kill Foxy... Should I kill DufneIsANub..."

    I would be looking for "RainbowChin", since that's the staff who said that quote.

    The event:
    This competition is currently scheduled for Monday, August 15 at 7 PM EMC time.

    To get to the event, visit 9471 on SMP4. Once you're in the lobby, you will see a TP sign to the events area.

    Who can play?
    Anyone! There's no limit to players, so just join us at the event! You could win some great prizes!

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  2. I remember when chin said that :p I'll try to be there
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  3. *adds to calendar*
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  4. Ooooh! I'll definitely try to be there....for research ;)
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  5. You might even find a quote or two that you recognize...:D
  6. I'm scared to hear if any of them are mine. O.O
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  7. *gets banned from staff next day*
  8. Don't worry he did. Me that is.
    I was a example what?! RainbowChin did kill me tho xD
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  9. elfinpineapple gets banned 40000 people leave end XD
  10. How are the answers given? Fastest to type the name out wins? (would macros be allowed for that?)
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  11. The 1,000 goes to whoever types the correct name in res chat first. I've clarified the OP a bit.

    I'm not quite sure how a macro would be used to win this, other than typing in the names of every staff member. Just to avoid any issues, though, I would rather people not use macros, just to keep things fair for "pure-vanilla" players.
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  12. Yeah, that's what I meant. For example, when I type hash, it changes to hashhog3000, I believe (which is outdated anyway, but you get the example :p)
    Makes sense that that's not allowed, as not everyone can set that up easily.
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  13. Make sure to post the quotes after the event!
    Birds love quotes.
  14. A quick bump. Just over two weeks away!
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  15. I'm there.
    I hope that sneaky chin doesn't strike lightning on me :p
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  16. Less than a week left!
  17. this sounds fun
  18. Ill try to make it!
  19. Contest update: 8/10/16
    Thanks to a generous donation of 100,000 rupees, the prizes have been updated. They now are:

    1st: 60,000 rupees + Sharpshooter (100k Forum item)
    2nd: 40,000 rupees + Avalauncher (no date)
    3rd: 20,000 rupees + Vault and Stable vouchers (1 of each)

    The original post has also been updated.
  20. ill try to be there hoping to win