[EVENT] SMP4's Birthday Party

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  1. Welcome to the Official Thread for the SMP4 Birthday Party!
    What is this?
    SMP4's birthday is on December 20th, and we will be holding a party for it! This project is currently being headed by R0bbieJo and Porphos, but they can't do it without your help!
    When will this take place?
    This will take place on December 20th, 2013, the birthday of the SMP4 server.
    Where will this take place?
    This will take place in the center of the SMP4 Project, on SMP4!
    What will we do during the party?
    Well, there will be fireworks, cake, melons of course, and a small giveaway! However, we need your help for all of this! I will attempt to set up a few games as well. I'm thinkin' pin the arrow on the IcecreamCow, eh?
    You can donate to the party at 8020, SMP4. We need cake, donkeys (don't ask, just trust me here), fireworks of any kind, any rupees or items that you would like to give away on this day, lots of leather armor and dyes for "Party Suits," some quartz/glowstone for structures, and of course, your love and support. We really appreciate any donations you choose to make, and remember, this is all in the honor of SMP4! Remember, we need your help fast!

    This party is sponsored by the SMP4 Project! Thanks to all who are helping to put it together!

    -Hashhog3000, official, uh, Thread-Scribe-Thingy and Party Suit Designer
  2. I approve! :D
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  3. Just made a donation. some leather, and a few cakes (i think 9 or so).
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  4. Bump! This will be a fun event! Please donate.
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  5. I'll donate some donkeys, about how many you need?
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  6. However much you feel like donating. :) Don't feel pressured to give us any massive amount, just give what you can and want to give!
  7. I'll donate some later today :)
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  8. I share the same birthday as SMP4! I'll be there as da birthday boy.
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  9. lol
  10. WOW! I will come with a party suit! http://itsalmo.st/#smp4sbday
  11. Sounds fun wish i could go.
  12. Bump! Three days away!
  13. Bump! Tomorow is the big event be sure to come by some time!
  14. Donated my head and lots o' pie :)

    About to toss some leather armor your ways as well.
  15. Thank you!
  16. Due to technical difficulties... we are having the Smp4 Birthday and R0bbies Christmas TOGETHER.
  17. This will be held on Christmas Eve!
    I want a time slot that will have the most there so VOTE on the Poll.... :)