[EVENT]] River Runs Easter "egg" hunt

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  1. River runs Easter "egg" Hunt

    River Run Town stores on smp6 /v +rr or /v +books are holding a Easter "egg" hunt on ALL of the SMP's

    there IS a chest on your server!
    this event is for everyone to take part in and i do hope most of you do. everyone has the same amount of chance to get this.. all you have to do. is to find a White wool hut, created by me in the waste.
    you know its mine, it is loaded with signs saying you CAN take everything, each "hut" has also a enderchest
    everything in the hut as well as the hut it self is yours to take and keep. in each chest, there is 1 book, that book, that is in each chest, saying which price you won, needs to be brought back to me to claim.

    These books are signed by me and are all original.

    what items are available for looting ? There is only 1 of each item to be found.

    Diamond Pickaxe
    Efficiency V CLAIMED By EffinBatman Found on SMP6
    Unbreaking III

    Diamond Axe
    Efficiency V Claimed by ChamelonNYC Found on SMP4
    Unbreaking III

    Fishing rod
    Unbreaking III
    Lure III

    Power V
    Punch II
    Unbreaking III
    Flame I
    Infinity I

    Diamond Boots
    Protection IV
    Unbreaking III
    Feather falling IV

    Diamond Helmet
    Protection IV
    Unbreaking IIICLAIMED by Jdog1234 Found on SMP5
    Respiration III
    Aqua Affinity I

    Diamond Chest
    Protection IV CLAIMED by Jdog1234 Found on SMP3
    Unbreaking III

    Diamond leggings
    Protection IV Claimed by ChamelonNYC Found on SMP9
    Unbreaking III

    Diamond Sword
    Sharpness V
    Unbreaking III Claimed by ChamelonNYC Found on Utopia
    Fire Aspect II
    Looting III

    Stack of Gold Blocks Claimed by Jdog1234 found on SMP5

    DC of Arrows CLAIMED By DRmadfate Found on SMP7

    Event starts now! from the moment i pressed the post button, and it ends when the last book has been returned to me

    Everything in this event can be bought at our shop at smp6 /v +rr
    Even the wool that makes the huts, are from string , that can be bought at +rr

    Please feel free to visit /v +rr Wish and put a wish in our wishing fountain. you never know if you get your wish fulfilled :)
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  2. on every server even smp7? the waste or wild sorry i have troubles reading pargraphs
  3. What do they look like?
  4. ofc smp7 to

    they are hard to describe, cause some look like wool shrines, and sum like diformed huts. but they are the only ones that are made out of white wool, and with signs saying its the RR easter hunt.
    there is also a enderchest in every hut, so the goodies can be put in a safe place while trying to get back
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  5. Is there any vague area they're in? e.g. are they all within 10k blocks of the waste spawn, or could they be 50k blocks out? That's if you're okay with sharing that, of course :)
  6. some are close. some are far... it really depended on my mood when walking towards the spot.. sometimes there was night and i wanted to get there.. etc :D sometiems i looked at the live map and pointed and went there :)
  7. You can only go 4k blocks from the waste spawn ;)
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  8. Ah, I did not know that :p
    Thanks for telling me though :)
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  9. 3 Items still left.
    SMP1 SMP2 and SMP 3